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10 Delgaudio Classic Music Videos

December 25, 2015

10 Delgaudio Classic Music Videos with music or political songs.
(partial list, music only)

There are more song parodies produced, but not on youtube.

Man Horse Wedding (wedding music at 3:00 minute mark)

Harry Reid Skins Parody Song

The Ballad of Phil Robertson by Public Advocate

Eugene Delgaudio Vs.Governor McAuliffe's== The First Protest As Governor

Song Parody of Pro-Homosexual CEO Turley's Assault on Boy Scouts.
(as heard on WTOP news radio during drive time)

UnRealty Tour: The Sonia Sotomayor Song

Delgaudio Interview with Elvis Presley to Defend Traditional Marriage (singing at 2:30)

Aliens vs. Delgaudio ep. 2 (2 of five episodes, EYE OF THE TIGER)

2007 GOP Convention In a FLASH (CAST 0F FIVE HUNDRED)(Music ends 1:14
but comedy begins then!)


Video Recording of Video recording of Video Recording - Eugene Delgaudio
(flute music in background)

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