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Hit And Run Puts Sterling Student in Hospital

December 2, 2015

Date of incident: (Tuesday )12/01/15 0750 hrs.

(7:50 AM )

Location: Sterling
Blvd./Greenthorn Ave.

Pedestrian Struck: A juvenile was walking to school
when he was struck by a car while he was in the
crosswalk crossing Greenthorn Avenue at Sterling

The vehicle was described as a gray
vehicle, possibly a Honda, and the driver was
attempting to make a right turn onto Sterling

The driver was described as an older
Middle Eastern/South Asian male. The driver of the
vehicle did not attempt to render aid or talk with the
juvenile before leaving the scene.

The Loudoun Sheriff's Office was notified of the incident later in
the day when the juvenile reported to the school
nurse's office. He was taken to a local hospital by a
family member where he was treated and released.

Anyone with any information regarding this case is
asked to contact Deputy First Class S. Hajdasz at 703-
771-5670 x6420 or [email protected]

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