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MARK BERG VS. RPV, Or Surgical Purge?

November 25, 2015

Commentary by Eugene Delgaudio

This is a collection of blog news reports and postings about how the Virginia Republican party has held a bloody purge of a pro-life spokesman with a medical background and the RPV stubbornly claims it was not a purge.

No we are not discussing presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson's getting savaged by liberal forces.

We are discussing Dr. Mark Berg.

Earlier this year, Dr. Mark Berg was a member of the House of Delegates and a member of the Republican State Central Committee. He is now "off" of both bodies at the moment.

Its a dizzying pace even for close political allies or friends, like myself and others, who have been blindsided.

A Tea Party conservative with strong pro-life beliefs and a forthright manner, Mark Berg lost a primary battle to a liberal Republican challenger and then in recent days was removed in what is considered by some as the quickest purge in political history in modern political history.

The Republican party legal counsel wrote a letter and then both the current state chairman and the current congressional district chairman recognized or declared the seat as "resigned" and filled the vacancy. In just days.

These meetings, postings, decisions, actions and statements have taken place in recent days after the recent election and now must be appealed to the full Republican Party state central committee.


Injustice in the Republican Party of Virginia

He said (the purgee) : (on the Bull Elephant Blog)

At best this is a series of unfortunate and confusing events. I have confidence in our Party process and believe that once the State Central Committee reviews these facts, the decision to deem me as having resigned from my official committees will be overturned. I also encourage SCC (State Central Committee) to correct the ambiguity of what it means to "allow" your name to be used, as well as address the self-execution of a provision that is subject to interpretation


leaders must support Republican nominees

She, one of the "purgers" said ( Jo Thoburn, on the Bull Elephant Blog)

"Let me close by again saying that if you are in the (Republican) State Party leadership you should support Republican nominees. If you don't want to do that you should resign your position. Mark didn't have to do that to stay a member of his Official Committees under current Party rules, but he did have to refuse to lend his name to the effort against the Republican nominee. He didn't do so and so he is therefore deemed resigned from all Official Committees. "

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