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October 10, 2015

Of course fabrications are never gone in a political race when it comes to destroying Sterling as my opponent embraces density packing while denying he is for density packing!

My opponent lies about me every where he goes and will say anything to win as usual.

Last night at a debate forum a total fabrication was introduced by a supporter of my opponent in a public event. I immediately condemned it as the fantasy it was and followed up with a challenge to be on guard for more fabrications.

(Partial) Statement of Eugene Delgaudio In Response To Fabrications Made At Forums and elsewhere:

"I condemn this fabrication and the many total fabrications being introduced by my opponent or his supporters in this campaign.

Please be aware that I do not have to make up anything about my opponent. He has been arrested three times for alcohol related offences in the past.

Some liberals have attacked my family in order to get to me. They will stop at nothing.

As an example: For 17 years some liberals have said that my family and my wife of 34 years do not live at our home together in Sterling, Virginia.

I have lived in the same home in Sterling since August of 1998 but it does not stop some liberals from stating this thousands of times. One liberal even went through my garbage that I placed at my curb with my wife present to observe. There is no restraint with some who simply do not like Sterling's four times decision to elect me over their liberal candidate."

End of Delgaudio Statement

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