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Delgaudio Writes Sterling Again Labor Day With Updates

September 7, 2015

Dear Sterling American

This is a busy Labor Day weekend filled with meeting people every day and night to brief them personally on this weekends many tragic events.

This past Friday morning began with a quick drive to the scene of the shooting in the Pembrook
section and many phone calls and meetings on that topic. I sent out 4 updates on that.

Thank God and the deputies for apprehending the violent illegal alien thugs for this murder.

I have been outspoken against illegal aliens for many years and again condemn President Obama for
dumping these illegal aliens in Sterling. I call on the county to follow up on a near unanimous board
of supervisor resolution demanding a financial reimbursement for these costs forced on us
here in Sterling.

The costs are massive for this recent manhunt for the murderers (the only "no" vote was former
Supervisor Shawn Williams.)


I visted block parties, doors, and ceremonies Saturday and then a new round of news events beginning
with the arrest of now former Supervisor Shawn Williams. I did visits and replaced stolen signs all over
the district.

During this weekend 20 signs were replaced that were stolen outright by liberal sign nazies who trespass and
uproot private property placed on the lawns of homes.

I am visiting many voters every day including today.

I am providing here a listing of the TIMELINE news reports in case you have been out of town.
There are official records, news reports, statements from me, and plenty of links to the
respective postings, updates and my own comments during the past 3 days here at this link.

Friday September 4 and Saturday September 5
There were four Delgaudio updates on the Shooting Friday. (these are posted here).

Sunday September 6 (Over 20 links to the Shawn Williams Arrest)

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