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June 23, 2015

Eugene Delgaudio, Sterling Supervisor, today Tuesday June 23 released a statement staing the following:

"Say it is not so.

Its in the Leesburg Today with a direct quote:

Democratic Party Chairman candidate (Phyllis) "Randall said she would like to see more mixed-use projects in Loudoun generally,and redevelopment in Sterling."

(Direct Quote)

This philosophy was repeated publicly in front of 50 people by my opponent or his allies at a recent public meeting in Sterling and I heard it repeatedly.

One liberal ally of my opponent repeated all night several times to anyone
who would listen and stayed afterwards to argue long after the doors were locked: Sterling
must be fundamentally changed.


This "redevelopment" word is the wrong word to use in Sterling.

Respectfully, anyone using this word in Sterling is wrong.

Phylis Randall is wrong to promote "redevelopment in Sterling".

That night, I defended my policies, adopted by Democratic and Republican boards for 16 years, to renew revitalize and renovate the entire downtown, now in full swing.

That same night, I was joined by the current chairman of the board and the current planning commissioner for Sterling who worked before the current chairman with Dale Polen Myers!

Both cited 20 to 25 years, respectively, of effort by them and others to preserve Sterling and work with me diligently to that end all these many years.

These efforts require consistency and are in response to thousands of Sterling residents who demand that our community be fought for. I have been fighting for Sterling with your help shoulder to shoulder.

The current Democratic candidate for Chairman and my opponent have enthusiastically and publicly embraced REDEVELOPMENT of Sterling along with "mixed use".

This means density packing and the abolition of our current residential community.

This means high rise ten story to 20 story office and "residential" buildings where homes once were.

I have voted against the increased density along route 606 to the south and against increased density along the Route 28 corridor to our west.

I have warned against those who would want massive new apartment complexes with high rises in Sterling or near Sterling as we (you and I) would bear the brunt of this density packing into our schools, fire stations, rescue unites and traffic.

Our quality of life is challenged and I fight for it every day.

Crime is down and for once in Sterling history we have services arriving with new road paving, new sidewalks, new fire house, new library, and renovated community center.

We have only just begun.

Increasing the density in Sterling threatens our peaceful way of life.

We must rise up and condemn "redevelopment" for our own sake and survival as a Sterling community.

I embrace revitilization, renovations, renewal. I bring it in the form of road improvements, new
Sheriff's station, new pathways, new sidewalks, giant rec center, new fire and rescue station and
renovated community center and new library. And much more.

Sterling deserves to get a fair share of services from the taxes and fees we pay.

I oppose the massive "redevelopment of Sterling" proposed by my opponent and his chairman candidate which means the death of the single family home, the end of long standing
townhouse communities and the disruption of our schools, law enforcement
and improved roads with added pressures and increased burdens of thousands more new residents."



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