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June 19, 2015

Statement 5 p.m. Friday June 19 PM For Immediate Release

Eugene Delgaudio, Sterling Supervisor said today:

Today I am announcing progress on the fixing of a sinkhole in the Clocktower Shopping center in Sterling, Virginia.

I want to thank the citizens for their paitience over the many months and look forward to a
full resolution of this disruption in this vital shopping center in Sterling, Virginia.

Today I have confirmed with top county officials their plans to take up the installation of a new underground drainage chamber which only recently has been discovered as the cause of the sink hole.

The Tetra company is to be thanked and respected for their due diligence in investigating this up
to this point. The area has been repaired in years past and this should solve the road issues
in this shopping center once and for all time.

They immediately made the area safe and have worked with county officials to work on the
necessary corrections.

I want to salute the private and county engineers in their response to this massive undertaking
and the awarding of a contract to a firm to begin work was done only days ago.

Tetra is not at fault for this in any way but expended a great deal of management talent in carefully exploring the possibilities and the normal operations of Loudoun County as the county moved at a deliberative and immediate speed in awarding a contract days ago.

It is wrong for anyone to jump to any conclusions about this and to take advantage of this situation for gossip or any other reason.

The untimely death of one of Sterling's top shopping center owners is not the time to pile on the mourning family.

This process has taken years to get to this point. In February 2015 it was finally discovered that
county drainage easements deep down under the shopping center had deteriated and needed to
be replaced.

Up to this point it was the judgement of current and past owners that there was an undergound stream at this location. There is no underground stream but it took years to figure that out.

The issue of preparing bids and awarding the contract was handled administratively and I have only just been briefed as Sterling Supervisor on Thursday June 18 and confirmed with county officials today June 19.

Background on William Lauer

William Lauer, the owner operator of Tetra which owns the Clock Tower shopping center,
passed away a few weeks ago. Lauer was a force for good and renovated the shopping center and
recruited a 90 per cent occupancy of a previously half empty shopping center. He is succeeded
by Andy Lauer who has been involved in zoning and regulatory reforms in Loudoun for ten years
as a volunteer advisor to the county.

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