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Most of Delgaudio Motions To Reduce Spending by $601,545,124 Rejected By Board of Supervisors

April 1, 2015

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Wednesday April 1, 2015 9:30 PM
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Most of Delgaudio Motions To Reduce Spending by $601,545,124

Rejected By Board of Supervisors

(Leesburg, Va.) Sterling Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio presented the Loudoun County Board of supervisors with seven motions including 54 budget amendments totaling $601,545,124 in savings to the taxpayer and rejected all of them except one.

"One of my proposed motions actually passed. I supported taking out of the Capital Improvement Plan $46,225,000 for the C.S. Monroe School Conversion which I considered not necessary and was not a top priority of the school board. This was introduced by another supervisor and passed in a close vote 5 yes- 4 no, " said Delgaudio.

"The board of supervisors rejected 55 other Delgaudio budget amendments totaling $555,320,124. Supervisor Ralph Buona motioned to call the question and motioned to close debate. Buona gets my Golden Fleece Award for wasting taxpayer monies," said Delgaudio.

After a Delgaudio motion to eliminate the Animal Services Facility to save $15,495,000 was voted down, Supervisors joined Buona in a motion to close further discussions, end debate, reject all budget amendments, and kill objections.

Delgaudio made another appeal to over rule the chair and during debate on that motion made his appeal for the entire program of reductions in spending at the first, and last, business meeting to consider the tax rate and budget.

Supervisors Buona and Williams were joined by Chairman York in arguing that, in effect, "we have been at this for a long time....."

Delgaudio responded that "I made 25 motions to reduce spending at the work sessions and got 25 rejections by a majority of non-binding straw votes on March 9 and promised to bring this to the full board for the formal vote which is today. This is the vote that counts today when the actual binding vote is taken. "

Supervisors claimed they had kept taxpayer spending down while fully funding the schools and rejecting proposals to reduce spending.

In the end only two supervisors voted "No" to the budget passed today

"This is a bloated budget that could have been reduced by hundreds of millions and that is why I voted no. Somewhere the taxpayer hurt by high taxes must be listened to and I never forget my place is to represent them and not give in to being
liked in Leesburg, " said Delgaudio.


List of Cuts (55 Motions) Posted here (Note: This is partial list of wasteful Loudoun spending projects)


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