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March 25, 2015

Everything you ever wanted to know about filing for the Republican nomination for
the State House representing Sterling in Richmond.

The deadline for the Republican nomination for the House of Delegate
seat vacated by Tom Rust's decision to retire is 5 p.m. Thursday March 26
so here are the details on how to become a Republican candidate for Delegate.

The Republican party sent the proper documentation to the Virginia Department
of Elections on February 24, 2015 selecting a state-run primary.

So now I am alerting any potential candidates the process for the Republican nomination
and if anyone wants to be the nominee, that person has to complete these
qualifications by five p.m. Thursday March 26.

At present only Danny Vargas of Herndon has announced preparations to
file these requirements. He is the likely nominee if no one else files

The board of elections posted this notice here, stating its a primary.

The Chairman of the 86th House Legislative District for the Republican Party is
Shane M. Murphy. His email is [email protected]

He is available to accept delivery of petitions as indicated below by five p.m.
Thursday March 26.

Chairman Shane Murphy says "If there are other candidates who wish to seek the GOP nomination,
they should contact me directly as soon as possible so we can set up a time to review their
filings prior to the filing deadline."

This is the definitive Candidate bulletin explaining the procedure for becoming a candidate
for the state house and the Candidate Bulletin from the state with all the deadlines.

It is a primary process which means a Republican primary date managed by the board
of elections on Tuesday June 9 if there are two candidates that file and qualify
and the deadline is five p.m. Thursday, March 26.

A candidate must file 125 valid signatures with the district chairman of the 86th (Murphy)
using a form here:

A candidate must file this Declaration form here with the Chairman by Thursday, March 26, five p.m. here

There are other things like a filing fee of $352.80 that have to be filed too.

Other, later, deadlines.

A candidate must file this Certification later

A candidate must file Statement of Economic Interests (General Assembly of Virginia)
Statement of Organization for a Candidate - Revised 2/2015 later

If you are completely confused, think about the process for 100 districts, 40 Senate Districts.

Here's the current as of today March 25 listing of candidates here:

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