Eugene Delgaudio: A Man of Sterling Values

Eugene Delgaudio represents Sterling Park since 1999. Eugene stands for Conservative Republican values, open access, and accountability in Leesburg:

  • Opposed draconian growth plans that pack growth into Sterling while forcing us to pay millions to Western Loudoun County interests.
  • Led campaign to oppose Meals Tax in 1998 and the Sales Tax Increase in 2002. Eugene opposes tax increases and targets wasteful spending regularly in two terms of office.

Eugene: Anti-Tax Crusader

In 1998, Eugene led the Sterling District Stop the Meals Tax committee and organized the "Meatball Rebellion" Rally at a local restaurant, That's Amore.

Delgaudio held a meatball up by a fork high above his head so the crowd could see it. "In the name of the meatball let us go forth and fight this dreaded tax and make our families safe and free to eat an untaxed meatball."

Over 100 people rallied against the unpopular tax on prepared meals. His effort resulted in Sterling having the highest turnout against the tax, 83% against the tax.

Eugene Delgaudio visited thousands of Sterling voters. They then turned out in record numbers at several rallies and to vote against the hated meals tax that November.

At Christmas time Eugene Delgaudio sponsored an old fashioned Christmas Party to forge an alliance with voters to fight tax increases and unreasonable budget growth and to sing traditional Christmas carols.

Eugene Delgaudio received the endorsements of hundreds of voters urging him to run for Supervisor for the vacant Sterling seat on the Board of Supervisors.

Taking on the liberal Leesburg establishment with few public endorsements, 400 Delgaudio supporters overwhelmed the Republican Canvass at Park View High School on May 22, 1999 in a stunning victory for Sterling and all conservatives.

This was especially challenging since other conservatives were defeated countywide in a liberal takeover of the entire board of supervisors Republican nomination process.

Delgaudio would be the lone Conservative. (At the time Sterling had 3 precincts).

In November of 1999 Sterling elected him at the ballot box, becoming the lone voice for conservative leadership in Loudoun for that four year term of the board of supervisors.

Eugene Delgaudio was re-elected in 2003 and 2007 and is up for re-election in the 2011 elections for his 4th term.

What Else About Eugene Delgaudio?

  • In 1977, Eugene Delgaudio was elected to the board of directors of the Sterling-based, national, non-profit organization "Young Americans for Freedom". Eugene was on this board for 10 years. Then-President Ronald Reagan served as honorary chairman. Eugene Delgaudio has maintained an interest in Sterling, and in public service, ever since.
  • From 1981 to the present, Eugene Delgaudio has been the Executive Director of Public Advocate, a conservative non-profit organization with 100,000 members, with supporters who donate an average of $17 to support a program of limited government and reduced taxes. Annual budget of $2.7 million
  • From 1988 to 1998, Republican leader Eugene Delgaudio helped elect 25 Republicans to office. At dinners and conventions from Falls Church to Richmond he has been hailed.
  • From 2000 to 2011, as Supervisor, Eugene Delgaudio has 99 per cent attendence at board meetings, committee meeetings and public hearings, rarely missing any Board of Supervisor meeting. Delgaudio has served on a dozen committees and chaired the Finance Committee of the Board for 4 years and is currently a member of the Finance Committee and the Land Use and Transportation Committee of the Board of Supervisors.

Numerous elected officials, candidates, Republican Party officials and civic leaders work with Eugene Delgaudio from block captain to Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore.

For years, grassroots activists have chosen Eugene Delgaudio to represent them nationally, first as an Alternate Delegate (1988), and then two times as a Delegate to the Republican National Convention (1992 and 1996). In addition, he has earned the Republican Party's "Most Outstanding Organization" (1993) award and the "Chairman's Award" (1996).

Delgaudio is married to his wife, Sheila for 29 years, and together they have six children. He attends St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church in Herndon, Va. where many Sterling citizens attend church. He visits area churches and places of worship to hear and respect different faiths held by residents.

He is a ten year member of Rotary International, and was Secretary of the Cubscouts of America, Pack 894, for 5 years and is a member of the Knights of Columbus.

He graduated from York College, (City University of NY) New York, with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science in June 1976. He attended Archbishop Molloy High School in Jamaica, New York.




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