Eugene Delgaudio - Sterling District
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Santa Visits the Board of Supervisors

Supervisor Delgaudio walked Santa Claus out of the Leesburg Government
Building after his historic visit to warn the Board of Supervisors to
leave the lights on for Christmas and to also leave all of Loudoun's
Lights alone.
Supervisor Delgaudio behind the dais at the Board of Supervisors at the microphone that will never be silent when it comes to representing Sterling.
Santa Claus comes to Town.  Supervisor Delgaudio invited Santa to town on July 15, 2002, to warn the board of supervisors not to tamper with Christmas and especially the splendid lights in Sterling. Santa gave the board large chunks of coal as a reminder of what bad children get when they misbehave. Santa had to leave after posing for the news media. Most Supervisors said they do not want Christmas lights affected but voted to regulate "all lights" anyway.