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Happy New Year, Loudoun Board Action Saves $60 Million in Taxpayer Funds

December 30, 2013

Loudoun Board Saves Millions Earlier This Year

The Loudoun board voted to limit their annual contributions retirement funds for county employees to the legal maximum amount earlier this year to impact our annual budget. This earlier limit was a tough decision that saved millions.

Past boards had overspent according to a financial estimate prepared from 1986 foreward $54 million beyond the legal maximum required. There was no record prior to 1986! That was money spent.

By limiting payments to the legal maximum, the current board saved millions annually.

I support paying the legal maximum amount and not more.

Loudoun Saves $60 Million In Tax Spending

Now, the Board has gone a step further, after a year of study, and done what no other locality in Virginia has done.

"Changes the Board of Supervisors made last year to the post-employment benefits for county government employees and retirees has resulted in a $60 million saving in the county's unfunded liability- far exceeded the savings anticipated from the changes."

A national expert on fiscal policy hailed the Board decision and said:

"You are one of the few who has addressed this in a real way,- he said, noting the board is "attacking" the post retirement benefits from both sides- assets and liability. "

Of course one liberal former Supervisor condemned the "misguided" action of this "reactionary" group and demanded that spending the $60 million, contrary to the Republican policy, was the decent thing to do.

I support paying towards retirement and benefits at the current level and instituting budget reforms as promised.

Day Before Christmas, Attack On Deputy
At Briar Patch Park Results in Arrest

Most of the time these days, Sterling does not have any significant incidents. Thank God, the Sheriff, his deputies and the neighborhood watch.

From the official report:

Dec. 24, 1 a.m. Assault of Law Enforcement/Trespassing/Underage Possession of Alcohol: A deputy observed subjects in the Briar Patch Park. Two of the subjects fled on a foot and a deputy attempted to take the third into custody.

As the deputy attempted to take the subject into custody he swung at the deputy. Jose M.
Martinez-Fuentes, 19, of Sterling, was charged with assault on law enforcement, trespassing, underage
possession of alcohol, and obstruction of justice.

New Thief In the Night -Sheriff's Office: Armed Man Attacked Two Women In Cascades

These attacks occurred in town house areas north of route 7 in the Cascades area of Sterling.

LCSO Investigates Two Robbery Cases in Sterling Area

The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office is investigating two separate incidents that are believed to be related where a male suspect brandished a firearm at two women.

(complete report posted at this link)

Loudoun Deputies first responded to the 46500 block of Lynnhaven Square in Sterling, VA, (this is by Cascades Parkway near the Home Depot/Giant Shopping Center area) around 6:15AM Sunday for a report of a female victim who was approached by an unknown Black male. The suspect brandished a firearm and demanded the female drop several items and remove some clothing. The female then ran into her home leaving her belongings behind. A purse was reported missing by the victim.

A short time later a second incident was reported in 10200 block of Mckean Court (north of Algonquian Parkway) . The suspect approached a female who was unloading groceries. The suspect brandished a firearm and pointed the weapon at her. The female then screamed and the suspect fled the area. Nothing was reported taken.

The suspect was described as a light skinned Black male, approximately 5'8" tall, with a medium build and was described as being in his mid-to-late 20's. He was wearing a dark hoodie that was concealing his face. The suspect was possibly driving a small burgundy or red colored vehicle.

The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office is currently working with agencies in neighboring jurisdictions to determine if they had recent similar cases.

If you were a witness to either of these incidents and have not spoken to authorities, or if you have any information regarding these cases, you are asked to immediately call the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office at 703-777-1021.

Delgaudio Posts full details above but you may want more:

News Report

Restaurants Inspected By Dr. Goodfriend and Friends

I know this is a time to eat out a lot so here is a list of health inspections to review. Mostly good news for most places. But brace yourself for some tough reading.

Virginia Department of Health - Restaurant Inspections

The Virginia Department of Health maintains a website you can check to review the record of health code violations at any public or private dining facility in the Commonwealth. You can report a health code violation that you observe also.

Mark Gunderman Gives Big Picture on Helping Poor

You hear frequently from me about the Boy Scouts, LINK and others helping the poor.
Here's others who help feed the poor in a written summary posted online.

Read what Loudoun Interfaith Relief, Project ELF, Crossing Borders, Tree of Life,
LINK, Toys for Tots, Salvation Army, and Loudoun Cares are doing. All devoted
citizen volunteers helping thousands in Sterling and Loudoun.

Great wrap up of county activity article by Margaret Morton. Thank you Mark.

See Leesburg Today.

Whitbeck Running Hard for State Senate, Jan. 21

Featured on national news media as a rising star in the nationwide struggle against Obamacare, friend of Sterling John Whitbeck is campaigning in a special election on January 21 for the vacancy left by outgoing State Senator Mark Herring who is becoming AG.

Whitbeck prepared documents outlining in Heritage Foundation style authority the manner in which billions of dollars could be saved in local government going forward. His reasoning as Chairman and one of several thoughtful members of the Government Reform Commission was to assemble a comprehensive guide for today's board and future boards could return to over the years.

As chairman of the 10th district committee, Whitbeck has helped manage candidate races in and beyond Sterling and Loudoun for years.

Local Republicans elected Whitbeck, chairman of Virginia's 10th Congressional District Republican Committee, as their nominee for the Senate seat at a Dec. 16 mass meeting

Chamber Seeks Valor Award Nominations From Sterling

The Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce is seeking nominations for the 29th Annual Loudoun County Valor Awards, when the Loudoun business community will honor the career and volunteer emergency first responders and ordinary citizens for their courageous, often lifesaving actions in crisis situations during 2013.

To submit a nomination, complete the online form at:

Recount Complete: Rust Retains 86th District Seat

Six-term delegate Republican Tom Rust holds onto his 86th House District seat following a recount today that left Democrat Jennifer Boysko 32 votes short.

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