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December 20, 2013

Black voted to prosecute spousal rape.

Just days after announcing the Black for Congress Exploratory Committee, The Weekly Standard posted a video that my democratic challenger distributed during my last election, falsely implied that I voted against a spousal rape bill. In fact, I voted for the bill. This response article by World Net Daily captured the truth of the matter:

Dirty tricks already?

One potential candidate is already getting bad press and, strangely, it's coming from fellow Republicans.

State Sen. Richard Black has announced he is forming an exploratory committee to determine whether he should run for the 10th district seat vacated by Wolf.

Viginia State Sen. Richard Black, R-District 13

The Weekly Standard has posted a story calling Black a defender of spousal rape.

It's not clear why the website felt compelled to run an attack ad against the Virginia Republican, distributed by his opponent before November's election.

Defenders point out that Black was not taking a position for or against marital rape, but as a former JAG officer and prosecutor, he was noting the proposed law was unworkable as a means of gaining convictions.

Christopher Lore, a legislative assistant to the senator, said, "I'd also like to point out that he's the only person in the General Assembly who's successfully prosecuted a case of spousal rape during his career as JAG attorney."

Lore said the bill made it easier to prosecute these cases, and Black was worried about the weakening of the burden of proof and had fears about innocent people being prosecuted. When those fears were assuaged, he then voted for the bill.

"Attacks against him on this issue are purposeful twists of the truth," added Lore.

The aide told WND that Black's positions are solidly conservative and that he:

Opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants

Favors the rights of the unborn

Is anti-Obamacare

Supports Second Amendment rights

Lore also noted that Black has a strong interest in foreign affairs, opposes the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and has been in contact with the country's current ruler, Minister of Defense Gen. Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, whom he supports.

One thing that might distinguish the senator from other conservatives, Lore said, was that as a Vietnam veteran, he is staunchly opposed to U.S. military intervention...

From Senator Dick Black's direct statement, no editing. Photo is private photo taken at a previous time.

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