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Delgaudio Invites You To E.W. Jackson Fundraiser Friday September 6.....citizens write supervisors in support of Delgaudio........Restore Sterling Victory Party September 20

September 1, 2013

This Friday: Rev. E. W. Jackson Local Loudoun Event September 6

An Evening with Republican Lt. Governor Nominee E.W. Jackson On Friday, September 6, 2013
at the home of Bill and Jeannie Soltesz 41530 Southpaw Place Leesburg, VA 20175

General Reception at 7 p.m. Admission is $50 and worth it. Most conservatives will crowd into Bill and Jeannie's house as they try to help one of the most articulate candidates ever to run for Lt. Governor.

(Directions from Sterling: head east on Route 7, make a left on Battlefield Parkway (go about a mile), left on Evergreen Mills Road (go south about 3 miles past the county landfill and just past Leesburg Christian school),Make a left on Greatwoods drive and then a left on Southpaw Place.)


Thank you for voting "yes" to supporting justice for me in recent weeks. Thank you to all of you who vote "yes" to Eugene Delgaudio.

And Thank you to all your fellow members of the Loudoun County Republican Committee for voting to support me on Monday, August 26, 2013, by a vote of 68 "yes" to 34 "no."

To those who voted "yes", your show of support was heartwarming and greatly appreciated by myself and my family.

Being the most conservative member of the Loudoun County government requires some real sacrifice and it really requires strength from God, your family and you.

Your help made it possible for any of my success.

I will strive to be that model elected official you know me to be, even when I admit a mistake.

And I made a promise to endeavor to reconcile with my colleagues through hard work on behalf of all Republican candidates and through constructive service on the Board of Supervisors.

As part of that promise, I announced this past Friday morning that my legal appeals have been withdrawn and I have formally signed an order of dismisal noting there will be no appeal.

>>>Headline In the News:
"Delgaudio and Sterling Vs. Loudoun County" is now over.

I have decided not to appeal the dismissal of the lawsuit now pending in the Circuit Court.

I made this decision after the Loudoun County Republican Committee adopted a resolution supporting me 68-34 last Monday night and after consultation with Senator Dick Black.

for a complete statement posted here at this link

And I accept the decisions the board reached at their last meeting. I apologize to members of the public and to the board members for the mistakes I made and promise to be more careful in the future.

I hope we all can concentrate on Sterling's next big projects, other county business and the election of Republican candidates.

Most people believe the remaining issue for Sterling District is that Sterling District should be restored its one staff position just like the other board of supervisor members and I would appreciate any testimony from those of you who have experienced good service from me as your sterling district representative.

You can always reach me by email or call me (my home phone is 703-421-4599 and my office phone is 703-771-5819) but it will help with all the many deadlines and faster response if Sterling has the same budget as the other supervisors.

But testimony about how you were treated or any other observations about the speed of service, or a project or event you heard about or the fact that you always see me when you need to see me would be appreciated at this time. Send that to the board at or call to volunteer to speak by calling 703-777-0200. Thank you.

To testify in person in the board room, you can arrive Wednesday September 4 in Leesburg by six p.m. That is the start time for public comment. Each person gets 2 minutes. Frequent commenter Greg Stone has spoken against the metro and for budget reductions and in my defense. Stone says "You should let the Supervisors know where you stand."

Here are two really enthusiastic lovers of Sterling:

Bob and Mickie C. wrote the board

"Delgaudio has made me a better citizen"

(My large family) express their opinions to myself and my husband and they have been very pleased with what Eugene has accomplished over the last few years. It is amazing how much fight he has had to put into saving the community they... loved but he has made a difference!

.... Eugene DelGaudio is my representative and I am proud of what he has accomplished, in spite of the ever increasing obstacles being put in his way. Yes, he makes noise! Yes, people notice him!

.....He is still working for Sterling Park, that I am sure of and I still hear from him regularly. This man has made a difference. He makes me want to stay involved in a community......

I never worked at a voting poll in my life until I met Eugene!.... Eugene DelGaudio has made me a better citizen.......We are happy with him

Warner W. Asks Board To Reconsider Punishment of Sterling

In a letter to the board of supervisors at, Warner said :

"At some point, the BOS needs to revisit their previous decision regarding the de-staffing of Supervisor Delgaudio. In the end, the punishment only hurts those residents of Sterling (of which I was one for over 13 years). If this is the goal, then you are right on target, as this will directly affect them and the provisioning of services their tax dollars support."

Board of Supervisors Meeting Wednesday September 4

The new dedicated turn lanes at the Sterling Blvd./ Route 7 interchange is finished. The new bathrooms at Briar Patch Park are finished.

The new bike paths budgeted for $400,000 are in final engineering at Claude Moore Park. The park and ride at Cascades Parkway and Church Road has been approved. The traffic calming is budgeted for the Richland Acres community behind Grand Mart.

There is much more to be done in Sterling. Can you encourage more progress?

Public Comment to the board when they return is at or to sign up for public comment from six p.m. in the board room in Leesburg call 703-777-0200. The board room is located in the county government center.

I have received a call and Bryce D. has said he is the number 1 sign up.

Would you be the number 2 sign up?


Please RSVP to a party invite for Friday September 20 at 6:30 p.m. at Joe's Restaurant in Sterling next to the Safeway supermarket. Please come and share a slice of pizza and donate to the Friends of Delgaudio re-election committee (sponsor of this letter).

Let me know if you can come . Thank you.

Date: Friday September 20, 2013

Time: 6:30 p.m.

Where: Joe's Pizza next to Safeway, Sterling

Why: To Restore Sterling

Can you come Friday September 20?

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