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August 13, 2013

Brenda Writes The Board

Says in part: "I will go a step further and say that he has the toughest district, and he is the strongest link on the Board and he has served his constituents with honor, and he did a good job."

Thank you Brenda.

Esther Writes The Board

Says in part: "In my estimation if they (Delgaudio antagonists) would put just a fraction of either their individual or collective energies into developing some community programs that mirror and support what they say their beliefs are for what the Sterling District needs, as you (Delgaudio) do they would create programs that reflect their LOVE of Sterling as yours do."

Thank you Esther.

Fire Prevention and Life Safety in Sterling

To schedule a fire safety visit to your home that includes smoke alarms, electrical outlets call 703-737-8093 or write to schedule a free home visit from the local Sterling Fire Volunteers or a county fire official.

The home inspection program for Sterling residents offer a complete free home safety inspection covers general fire safety, as well as heating electrical kitchen smoking and candle hazards and a list of recommendations.

The Fire Chief says "Call me or submit our on-line form to request a "free smoke alarm installation"

Eugene Delgaudio Invites you a fraud and scam meeting
Wed. night August 14

Just a quick reminder of scheduled Neighborhood Watch meeting for Wednesday night, August 14th at the Eastern Loudoun Sheriff Office Community Room at 7:00PM. Items to be discussed are the installation of three Neighborhood Watch signs that we already have on hand, the upcoming Sterling Fest in October, recruiting new members, any problem areas, and a presentation on fraud and scams.

one dollar movie last day

$1 at the Regal Cinema. Last Day is 10 a.m. Wednesday August 14. Its for kids, but you will like it too.

Child and Safety Day Saturday August 24

Dulles Town Center on August 24th from 1pm to 5pm as we join the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office for their Child Safety Day event. We will have a table set up and the Sheriff will have lots of fun and interesting activities.

Bring out your young folks as they will certainly enjoy the activities and you can also get them into the DMV Ident-a-kid program.

Night work on Route 7 in Loudoun County

The trucks and workers are working all night to paint the new traffic lines on Route 7 this week.

Who: Loudoun County/ GEI (contractor)
What: Alternating closures
Where: Route 7 between Potomac View and Sterling Blvd and impacting all connecting streets
When: 8/12 through 8/15/2013
Why: Pavement marking

Babe Ruth World Series: A Primer for Baseball Tourney in Loudoun

The county will welcome the 13- to 15-year-old teams to Fireman's Field in Purcellville.

Games will be held August 17-24, 2013. All games will be played at Fireman's Field, 250 Nursery Avenue, Purcellville, VA 20132.The opening ceremony takes place on Saturday, August 17, at 9:00 a.m. at Fireman's Field. Games begin at 11:00 a.m. Daily Tickets are $7 per day or $25 for the tournament. Children under six are free.

Sheriff Arrests Local Basketball Coach-- Asks for Public's Help

The sheriff's office has arrrested a well known area "trainer" for basketball players. Marlow Mikassa Afsharous, also known as Marlow Talley was charged with sexual assault. This person coached at the Claude Moore Rec Center and other local facilities and is being held without bond.

He is charged with at least one sexual assault of a girl under age 13.

The sheriff is trying to determine if there are other victims. Please call Detective J.S. Chichocki at 703-777-0475 if you know of other victims. Thank you.

Sterling wife to face grand jury in husband's death

The local Loudoun newspaper reports "A Sterling woman accused of killing her husband in May told investigators the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police officer had threatened to "cut her head off" prior to his death."

In her interview, Rosangela Spradling, 42, told Loudoun County Sheriff's Office Detective C. Cunningham through an interpreter that Steven Spradling, 52, had been heavily drinking prior to the shooting and uttering threats under his breath.

It was Rosangela Spradling's interview with Cunningham that allowed Judge Avelina S. Jacobs to determine there was enough evidence to bound the wife's case over to a Loudoun grand jury. She is charged with first-degree murder.

Mark Gunderman, Man of the Year Writes

Mark told me the following: Samantha Francis is a former member of Capital Community Church in Ashburn. Samantha had served as a prayer coordinator for four years, She asks her brothers and sisters in Loudoun to rejoice, strive for full cooperation and encourage one another. See Ashburn Patch.

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