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Senator Black Statement on Delgaudio Heard or Read By Millions in Washington DC Region

August 9, 2013

York Lies About Delgaudio
Black Statement On Delgaudio Efforts

For years I have worked with Scott York and even last year made the mistake of supporting
him for the sake of political unity.

York recently sent out a political hit piece claiming his usual lies, misrepresentations and untruths but this time he used taxpayer funds while claiming falsely I am "not available". Most of Sterling knows this is a blatant falsehood.

My office phone is 703-771-5819. My home phone is 703-421-4599. My email here is I post regularly on facebook and walk every day in two different neighborhoods. My official government email address is for official contact purposes. This Sterling American is a often twice a week alert to thousands of Sterling Americans.

Often, I give my cell phone number to residents that I meet. I only ask that no body calls after midnite.


Here's the typical response from writers to me and the board in response, Michael wrote
the board and then let me know what he wrote (in part):

" Mr. York is very well known by citizens of the County to have held for many years strong personal animosity towards Mr. Delgaudio. In this case he defiled and debased himself to use his sacred public office as Chairman to seek his animus and revenge on Mr. Delgaudio...." Michael wrote in part.

Esther wrote the board and said, in part,

"You don't have to be a Republican, a member of his church, a man, nor do you have to agree with his personal views. But you have to agree that he LOVES Sterling and has done and will continue to do whatever it takes, and as long as it takes, to do whatever is necessary to assure that the youth, the residents, the home owners and the less affluent families, the everyday laborers, and the working class residents in Sterling are served."

(The board of supervisors server is not working so Esther and Michael have to write again when Loudoun County fixes its system.)


Scott York, and his allies in the Democratic Party, and the Washington Post are attempting to undo the conservative beliefs expressed in re-electing me four times.

The same Washington Post now has turned around to report Senator Black's stirring defense joined by various news radio reports and other news outlets to balance the regular attacks. Hailed by conservatives from all over the region, Senator Richard Black is rightfully credited with standing with Sterling and the Constitution.

Senator Richard Black said the following and this ringing endorsement is in contrast to the surprise attack on Sterling and your long serving conservative representative (in part):

"Sterling Park elected Eugene four times. He's got a reputation for giving some of the best constituent service in the county. In the wintertime, he's been known to personally shovel snow to dig out seniors who were snowed in. He replaces faded American flags to spruce up his neighborhoods."

"Look, Eugene makes sure his working-class district isn't forgotten.

I get his emails and I can tell you he keeps his people up to date on everything that happens, from crime to weather to community events. He fights against taxes, because they endanger people on fixed incomes. He voted against density packing that hurts his district. He voted against Metro because he worried about the financial impact it might have on his residents-many of whom have little leeway in their budgets to handle major tax hikes. He also fought for traditional family values, because that's what his voters want him to do."

The transcript of the entire Senator Richard Black Speech.

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