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Eugene Delgaudio Statement : 90 Per Cent Support In Republican Committee and Among the public. Thank you!

July 31, 2013

Statement from Supervisor Delgaudio, made before the Republican Committee last Monday night and the focus of news stories in the Washington Post (please remain calm) and other news sites.

Before the LCRC July 22 2013

It is hard to accept these decisions by the board of supervisors. I dont agree with the comments made by the grand jury.

I don't agree with the board decision.

I will work to get into the good graces of the Board. I hope to meet with each of them and work to accept their determination.

Mr. Chairman, colleagues on the board, other elected officials,

Senator Richard Black, and members of the LCRC. Thank you for the fabulous letters emails and phone calls and expressed support.

My constituents and supporters join you in expressing appreciation and relief that I was completely exonerated.

In our system of government we have the right to speak up when accused and I did not get my chance to speak up.

Just because the board of supervisors believes the allegations does not mean I did the allegations.

Just because the board of supervisors has condemned me does not bind you here tonight.

Just because two former opponents who I defeated and two future opponents in a general election protest does not bind you should protest against me.

You have the option to support me or desert me.

I ask please stand by me.

I have not even been charged with as much as a speeding violation. At the last meeting, I rose and said I treasure your support.

And even though some "informed Democrats and otherwise capable people" insist that I violate my own rights and tell me I have no choice does not mean I have no choice.

There is liberty and tyranny respectively.

I take my stand for what I believe in respectfully. I think I have a right to specific charges and that I have a right to properly defend myself with the advice of counsel.

Please continue to support me. Thank you.

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