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Delgaudio Meets Again--103rd Breakfast scheduled Saturday August 3

July 29, 2013

Sterling Americans Rally To Demand County Do Its Job
Stop Ignoring Sterling

Dear Sterling American,

A great turn out for the sheriff's meeting last week. Thank you
for those of you who turned out, about 25 including volunteers.

On several occassions we have had to respond to the lack of
attention given to Sterling over the past 15 years.

Such is not the case at present.

But way back in 1998 with the plans by Scott York to impose the meals tax in 1998
and many times since then, we have banded together.

See this video to hear some genuine community leaders ask the county
board of supervisors in Loudoun help Sterling, Loudoun County.

Today and always, it is a struggle to keep the county working to help
Sterling. The bold lie and slander that liberal Scott York now publishes ("call me
if you need help" can only be described as laughable since most of you know he, Scott York,
has seldom paid any attention to Sterling's needs unless we stand together to get his attention in the first place.

Meet me Saturday 9:30 a.m.

This is the 103rd breakfast with some of you!

Please meet me Saturday morning at Chick Fil-A at 9:30 a.m. for our usual breakfast and leafleting.
Chic Fil-A is located in the Route 7 Clocktower shopping center opposite Burlington Coat factory
near Santini's in Sterling. We will meet 9:30 a.m. Saturday August 3rd at Chic Fil-A.

Afterwards, additional visits are planned as well.

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