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Fraud Alert: "Loudoun Board Chairman Scott York Ignores Due Process"

July 29, 2013

Statement made by Charles King, attorney for Supervisor Delgaudio on July 19, 2013

I am disappointed the Board voted not to allow me the opportunity to present Supervisor Delgaudio's defense to the charges made by Chairman York.

How the Board handles this matter is as important as what they decide.

Expecting my client to be able to respond to vague written charges, emailed to him less than two days before last Wednesday's meeting, is patently unfair. By vague, I mean the charges referred to unattached documents, unnamed witnesses, and unspecified dates.

Given the opportunity, Supervisor Delgaudio would have made a thorough point by point response.

The notion the Board's Committee of the Whole was Supervisor Delgaudio's chance to respond is ludicrous.

How easy is it to speak when the majority of other Board members won't let you put on a defense and the Chairman allows your opponents in the audience to waive signs and make catcalls when you are talking.

Several Supervisors expressed the opinion the Special Grand Jury's report was damning and complete so no further investigation or evidence was needed.

If the report was effectively conclusive, why did Chairman York omit a charge involving the most serious allegation, that Supervisor Delgaudio and other Supervisors received envelopes containing money? Why was there no discussion of this topic on Wednesday? When will Chairman York announce an investigation into the envelopes given other Supervisors?

Supervisor Delgaudio is asking the Circuit Court to order the Board to revisit their discipline of him and listen to his explanation. Legislative immunity does not bar all judicial review of legislative acts. Try reading Marbury v. Madison.

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