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July 19, 2013

Dear Sterling American,

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WORKING HARD in the heat!

This is a hot time and I am promoting another "first" for Sterling and Loudoun
this morning in the heat. I am in the heat going to every door in a special Sterling neighborhood.

Ten years ago neighbors by Park View HS promoted and asked for the "first" parking district to restrict parking for neighbors and guests to help with cars overflowing in this neighborhood.

Due to unforseen delays in the lives of these neighbors, the neighbors are now back, after ten years, at using legislation to petition the board for a "special parking district". It is standard fare for Sterling Americans to petition a board, and Richmond, the state capitol, too in order to get
some justice.

This is yet another petition in which 75 per cent of this special Sterling neighborhood may agree with a project. Read below two other actions where most Sterling Americans stick together.

Board Approves Park and Ride,
On Schedule Now.

The first park and ride in the history of Sterling will open soon thanks to those of you who wrote in and asked for it and showed support.

At one point this fully built park and ride lot was OFF the agenda and had to be placed with the consent of various and respective supervisors at least once on various agendas (committee and full board).

Your vigilance made this opening possible and the 66 per cent who responded "yes" to wanting this park and ride opened. And fairminded Loudouners everywhere. Thank you to the Board of Supervisors.

Another Historic First: Board Approves Speed Bump

A small community, Richland Acres, banded together and 95 per cent of them (95 per cent)
signed a petition requested by me to present to the board of supervisors.

There has never been such a traffic improvement granted in the history of Loudoun. There are private speed bumps but no government sponsored speed bump on any public street in Loudoun county.

No Loudoun speedbumps exist in Loudoun.

There is widespread support for a traffic calming measure in the Richland Acres area north of route 7 behind Grand Mart.

I have been a nag nag nag and one local elected official openly complained (I forgive him) for the constant reporting and nagging and updates about "little" things like this needed historic first Loudoun Speed Bump.

I promise you that no amount of repeating and gentle reminding is unnecessary until we --Sterling-- gets its due.

Hyperbole Alert
Hyperbole Alert

Some Local Loudouners Distracted or Confused

Its easy to be distracted due to some liberal attacks. But I promise that I am not distracted.

The news media attacks on me can be intense . Some reporters object that I exist
because I am a conservative. Others are mislead based on some reporting that acts as if
all conservatives should be banned or locked up.

Collectively some local liberals mob each other and demand my head.

Some supervsiors, including Scott York, join in the liberal frenzy.
Some attack specific publications or actions produced by me, on the record.


The Delgaudio Report mailed to every house in Sterling regularly.
The Sterling American (sent out weekly and twice a week often)
Supervisor Delgaudio's Community Update
Wearing an Orange Hat While Outdoors (this hurts me deeply).

Some have also attacked my work ethnic and my sometimes over enthusiastic

At the same time, they insult me and make the completely preposterous and contradictory
claim that they do not hear or see me. Please pray for these few souls.

They even attack the many petitions, surveys, responses, letters that I get!

To those of you tired of me being so devoted to getting work done and showing support:
please accept my humble apology for annoying you, making you angry,
disappointing you.

I do not always express myself properly.

I make editing mistakes and type words that are overheated sometimes even not spelled write. (There I go again).

I am not going to list the mistakes I make. I am going to promise to keep working hard and remembering that I am subject to correction -- daily.

You will continue to see me and(God willing) continuing these publications:

The Delgaudio Report mailed to every house in Sterling regularly.
The Sterling American (sent out weekly and twice a week often)
Supervisor Delgaudio's Community Update

And with your blessing, you will continue to hear about the support I enjoy and get.

Regarding all the wild claims and media attention: it has nothing to do with my seeing many members of the Sterling community every day and picking up trash or promoting important meetings about crime, community events and ceremonies.

I promise to continue to pick up trash, attend community events and also attend 100 per cent of the board of supervisor meetings, hearings, committee work sessions and other briefings. Just like always.

To my political supporters: thank you for the many notes and encouragement. You see me or hear from me regularly and know it is always appreciated by me. Thank you.

Hopefully, you won't let liberals and misguided people mislead by liberals to stop you from supporting me and working together to fight the anti-Sterling zealots who shout demanding the end of our heavenly community. (that was for the Washington Post).

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