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Delgaudio's Requested Petition Shows 90% Support For Traffic Calming....Trash Pick up Success....Purse Found.....Crony Capitalists Want $1 million of your money

July 15, 2013

Trash pick up success

Delegate Tom Rust, myself and 12 others including Sterling Foudation regulars, Delgaudio field Staff members including a new staff member "Giolu" who did a great thing (see below).

Park And Ride On The Agenda --Moving

All last week --every day-- I sent out pleadings for the fully built park and ride lot to be
opened and that the hold placed by Chairman York be lifted.

Your support and prayers are critical to Sterling getting its fully built park and ride opened.
Thank you.

That hold has been lifted and the board will consider it Wenesday July 17. Write the board
and politely ask for the park and ride to be built. (board email address is


Similar to the Park and ride support there is widespread support for a traffic calming measure in the Richland Acres area north of route 7 behind Grand Mart.

90 per cent of impacted residents in that Sterling community have signed a Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio initiated "official" petition. This is much more than the 75% required by board policy.

The board will consider this "traffic solution" legislation on their public calendar Wednesday along with opening the fully built park and ride in another part of Sterling.

Not One Penny for Socialism!

The board of supervisors is considering spending one million dollars a year to "attract" private companies to Loudoun. I oppose it. I speak against it. Do you oppose it? Will you speak against it?

Massive Crony socialism Arrives in Loudoun

This new policy by the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors has never been considered before except in "executive session".

In some "special cases" Loudoun has previously "exempted" from taxes large corporations or granted reduced taxes. In 2003, I opposed the 3 million dollar tax exemption give away to Howard Hughes who has $10 billion in the bank.

I opposed the nearly $400,000 reduction in assessed property taxes for Orbital Corporation.

I oppose the use of tax dollars in the past to attract out of state companies here.

I oppose the junkets to foreign countries sponsored by foreign companies and as a policy do not take trips to foreign countries to "promote" Loudoun.

If you oppose the use of $1 million in Loudoun County tax dollars to recruit or induce private "for-profit" companies to come to Loudoun please write the

Delgaudio Field Staff Recovers Purse

During the trash pick up Senior Field Staff member Gilou G. recoved a lost purse that seemed to have fallen very recently from the top of a car. The purse was turned over to authorities and the owner will be contacted and soon be reunited with her property. Thank you to Gilou G. for this wonderful recovery.

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