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BOARD COMMITTEE VOTES STERLING PARK AND RIDE..... Can Be Placed On Full Board Meeting Agenda For Action

July 12, 2013

"Thank You Committee Members. Thank you," said Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio
(R- Sterling District) after the Board Land Use Committee voted unanimously to ask staff to begin work on an agreement for a park and ride in Sterling.

At noon today the Transportation and Land Use Committee of the Loudoun board of supervisors
voted to send the Sterling Park and Ride at Reston Bible Church to the full board for
a up or down vote of the full board comprised of 9 members.

The vote was 4 yes (York, Committee Chair Volpe, Reid and Higgins), zero no, zero abstentions, and Clark absent for the vote.

"This is an historic vote for Sterling as it will bring a Park and Ride to Sterling for the first time and there will be a walkable commute for Sterling residents," said Eugene Delgaudio.

The Committee vote means the staff will prepare an item for the board to approve an agreement
between the Reston Bible Church and the board of supervisors at a future Board of Supervisors

Residents of Sterling are being asked to write the board at to express support for the action of the Board Land Use Committee and for approval of the Sterling park and ride proposal.

This now restores the Sterling Park and Ride scheduled opening and there will be no unnecessary
delays until the board ratifies the actual agreement.

The board may consider the item at a future meeting or it may be added to the July 17 meeting agenda for action since since the TLUC committee vote was unanimous.

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