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Eugene Delgaudio: 66% of Sterling Residents Favor Sterling Park And Ride....It is wrong to stall fully built Sterling Park and Ride

July 7, 2013

Most of Sterling Likes Proposal for Walkable Commuting

Supervisor Delgaudio Poll: 66% Favor Sterling Park and Ride

Statement By Eugene Delgaudio sent to all 40,000 residents

Sterling has long been both the most densely populated district in Loudoun County and chronically underserved by Park and Ride lots. As a commuting county, Park and Ride lots are essential to solving the transportation crisis in Sterling and Loudoun generally. Sterling residents deserve a fast and comfortable commute into DC.

Unlike Metro, Loudoun County Transit operates top-of-the-line coach buses with padded and reclining seats, bathroomsr perks. These buses are not only far more comfortable than Metro buses and subway cars, they also get you into DC faster than the Silver Line ever will!

The problem in Sterling is that our community is built out and doesn't have many large, empty parking lots along our busiest highways.

However, Reston Bible Church on Cascades Parkway has generously agreed to allow Loudoun County to use their parking lot as a new Park and Ride lot on the weekdays. This will be the only Park and Ride lot actually in Sterling Park, if the Board of Supervisors agrees to the plan. There are several Park and Ride lots just outside of Sterling.

(Photo of actual Park and Ride on Sterling Boulevard placed many years ago and still standing,

Sterling does not have a Park and Ride at that location)

A survey in the Fall 2012 Delgaudio Report indicated overwhelming support for new Park and Rides in Sterling, with 66% in favor and another 17% maybes.

Please contact the Board of Supervisors at or 703-777-0204 to voice your support for the proposed new Park and Ride lot to be located in Sterling Park.

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