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Wow. Thousands Attend And Watch Sterling,Va. Fireworks -- Whole Community Involved

June 30, 2013

I have visited over 5,000 doors since Monday and last night greeted the largest turnout ever of citizens face to face last night at the Sterling Fireworks Display sponsored by the Sterling Golf and Swim Club.

Thank you all for attending or observing the largest single event marked by the most people in Sterling on any single day of the year. Only Sterlingfest rivals it and I will work to promote that from here on.


That non-profit group struggles each year to host a splendid tradition. Thank you to them for this effort especially to President Rusty and the entire board of directors.

On other topics, I have remarked elsewhere:

Thank you to the Governor, Bob McDonnell, for graciously coming to Sterling and hosting a truly historic event for Virginia in the battle against lyme disease.

In my visits and at the public events, I have been overwhelmed by the warm embrace and encouragement by most in Sterling and the genuine expressions of support.

These expressions of support at this time warm my heart and the heart of my family, respectively. Thank you all including the many posters on news sites.

One more thing, there are a lot of lies about me being routinely published or posted online. These are ignorant falsehoods designed by misguided small minded political attackers.

Truth is a bigger thing than fiction.

My personal web site (this website) and my "Sterling American" newsletter reaches thousands who subscribe for free and is on facebook and twitter.

I produce "Community Reports" and "Delgaudio Reports" and special topic events(transportation, crime, etc) that are mailed or hand-delivered with my personal supervision or by me to every household five times a year.

I host or promote community wide events sometimes monthly.

This is a partial list of routine outreach (see first paragraph).

For 15 years I prominently post my home phone number and my government email address of for access to my constituents in every published personal, private and public document, memo, newsletter, hand out or mailing.

There are some stubborn problems in Sterling that I have tackled only with the full support of the entire community--and the county board--- throughout each of my four terms. This demands my full access, and my respect, to all including constituents who do not vote for me.

For some to claim "lack of constituent service" requires a complete suspension of reality. These few are mislead or are misleading themselves.


Hon. Eugene Delgaudio
(Republican-Sterling District, terms 1999-2015)

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