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Breaking: Mike Farris Joins Eugene Delgaudio In Backing David La Rock Against Joe May

June 2, 2013

Mike Farris ran for Lt. Governor in 1993 and is one of the most influential conservatives due to his role in the home school movement and in establishing a conservative college in Loudoun County.

Mike Farris seldom takes on political battles that are not important.

A Virginia blog headline: Michael Farris Endorses Dave LaRock as Joe May's Campaign Goes Negative

Mike Farris, Chancellor of Patrick Henry college, has remained neutral in the primary race for delegate in Virginia's 33rd district because of his long time friendship with Joe May and with Dave LaRock. As May's misleading attacks on Dave LaRock continued to build, Mike Farris decided that he could no longer remain silent and said the following in a letter to the LaRock campaign:

"I have been troubled by some aspects of Joe May's voting record. He is not a consistent pro-life vote. He has voted for many tax increases. He votes more appropriately on other issues like parental rights.

But I cannot stand by in indecision any longer.

There is a lack of integrity in this attack ad that is so fundamental, that I respectfully suggest that it is time for Joe May to retire.

Anyone who is so desperate to remain in office that they will stoop to these kinds of tactics, well in my view, it is time for them to leave.

There is only one way to stop dishonesty in campaigns. Those who practice it need to lose our votes.

On June 11, please join me in voting for David LaRock."

Michael Farris

Purcellville, Virginia"

From a conservative website

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