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Eugene Delgaudio: Sterling Haters Spread Lies About Sterling. Hateful Liberal Bullies Attempt to Push Us Around. LIBERALS MAD THAT STERLING STICKS TOGETHER

May 31, 2013

Sterling had a murder from a domestic incident on May 17. An arrest was made and the suspect is in custody.

Sterling had a incident involving a disorderly person who died in a confrontation at our Costco two days ago.

These are unfortunate recent incidents, and along with other recent unfortunate incidents that have occured in Sterling seem to be isolated unique events.

For those of you new to Sterling, there was a time when things were worse and required the attention and support of Loudoun County officials.

There were crimes and attacks on Sterling by real criminals with violent crimes all over Sterling.

Crowds turned out comprised of Sterling Americans sick of the neglect of Sterling by the County.

Again and again in public meetings demands were made by hundreds of Sterling's true friends.

Loudoun County government could have turned their back on Sterling but we would not let them.

Today many liberal reporters and liberal activists chant the demise of Sterling in regular attacks on Sterling.

These attackers ignore thousands of Sterling Americans turning out for school events, rallies, parades, civic events, veteran's ceremonies, giant yard sales, charitable fundraisers, teen job fairs, graduations, church services and ribbon cuttings and celebrations of all kinds in Sterling on a regular basis.

And they ignore any planned events in the future as a rule and ignore the hundreds of dedicated family members and private citizens who devote all their free time to making Sterling better.

Their boldness in trashing and attacking Sterling is equaled only by their jumping up and down
breathless misguided zealotry about their own contrived negative attacks!

These liberal bullies make up repeated fabrications about Sterling in prime time and in headlines.

I have seen it before: liberal bullies are upset that Sterling STILL survives and functions in a successful manner which proves the truth that a community that stands together can prosper.

Many liberals are angry and mad that we stand together as one and are united.

So they take to the major news media and newspapers and make public statements attacking Sterling.

We Sterling Americans Know Better

When you get a plea for help from me to help a charity, please turn out.

Last night there was a great turn out for the Sterling Foundation. Thank you to those of you who turned out.

Saturday there will be breakfast at 9:30 a.m. at Chic Fil-A please turn out.

Tuesday there will be a transportation meeting to make sure everything is right with the final
details on the Sterling Boulevard and Route 7 intersection improvements. Please turn out.

The Fire and Rescue volunteers have fundraising appeals in the mail- please respond.

Project Graduation has their request for help and support-- please do this on or before June 9.

And there will be a mailed appeal for MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) in Sterling so look for that.

Yesterday I heard a wonderful story about an outdoor barbecue stand that is donating its proceeds to Kick Cancer Out that is in operation by the Sterling Safeway.

No other community has as many volunteers and charitiable events as Sterling.

No other community has a poorer population with greater needs.

Don't let the liberal bulies get you down. Stand Up To the Liberal Sterling-hating bullies with me.

We have been doing it successfully since 1999 when we defeated the Meals Tax.

They are angry but don't let them win by bully tactics.

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