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Eugene Delgaudio Condemns Planned Tax Increase HB 2313... Endorses Mark Obenshein for Attorney General

February 22, 2013

Dear Sterling American,

Why 'President's Day' properly belongs to George Washington

I wrote you about the "Loudoun County Income Tax" being stopped by Delegate Tim Hugo and other conservatives in the Virginia House of Delegates days ago.

Now I am writing you about another tax increase (HB 2313) coming your way.

I agree with legislative conservatives that oppose the tax increase (HB 2313)for "transportation". I stand with Senator Mark Obenshein and Delegate Bob Marshall who have told me they are voting "no".

I agree with Mark Obenshein who commends Delegates for "hard work in trying to come up with a transportation funding solution, (and feel) that we need to go back to the drawing board. Virginians deserve a plan that makes transportation, not tax hikes, the priority -one that devotes a greater portion of existing sales tax revenues to transportation, one that prioritizes transportation in surplus allocations, and one that "locks up" the Transportation Trust Fund against raids.

The House/Senate Transportation Bill (HB 2313) Conference Committee brought both bodies their Conference Report today.

On Wednesday Night, at the Board of Supervisors, I called for a reconsideration, by the board, of Metro and the $40 million in taxes we are sending their way and the many other millions to offset the proposed tax increases in Richmond. " Sterling and Loudoun should not be taken hostage by tax and spend liberals, " I said.

Please contact your delegate/senator today and urge them to vote no. The bill (HB 2313)includes the following tax increases:

Replace the current 17.5 cents per gallon flat tax on gasoline with a 3.5 % wholesale sales tax paid by distributors, which will be passed on to consumers, and a 6 % wholesale sales tax on diesel fuel.

Increase the 5% retail sales and use tax paid statewide on most purchases to 6% in Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads and 5.3 % in the rest of the state.

Apply a $100 annual fee on alternative fuel vehicles, including hybrids.
Increase the current 3% sales tax paid on the purchase of motor vehicles to 4%.

Increase the amount of general fund money diverted to fund transportation from .50 % to .675 %, raising roughly $200 million when fully phased in.

The sales tax in Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads will be 6% instead of the 5.3% in the rest of the state.
In Northern Virginia there will be an increase of 40 cents per hundred dollars on the sale of a house. That's an extra

$1600 on the sale of a $400,000 home. (Dulles Realtors say its $2000 for Loudoun)

Also in Northern Virginia there will be a 2 % occupancy tax for hotels.

Some say this is $800 million in tax increases. Others say it could be one billion in tax increases.

Why 'President's Day' properly belongs to George Washington

Please call or write the Sterling and Loudoun area delegates NOW and tell them your opinion.

Delegate Ramadan says "I will vote "no" on HB 2313. This plan raises taxes and fees on Virginia families at a time when people are worried about losing their jobs." Tell Ramadan he is right to vote no and urge the others to vote "no" also.

Some of These Delegates Are For Tax Increases and Some of them are against Tax Increases

Delegate Bob Marshall (against Tax Increases, will vote "no")

Delegate Tom Rust (STERLING) / 804-698-1086 /

Delegate Barbara Comstock (STERLING) / 804-698-1034 /

David Ramadan (said, above, he will vote "no")
Member, House of Delegates
Eighty-Seventh District

Jim LeMunyon
Member, House of Delegates
67th District or (703) 264-1432.

Delegate Randy Minchew
(703) 777 - 1570 or 804-698-1010

Delegate Tag Greason

Delegate Joe May

Please be respectful and there are others who are calling to "increase your taxes" calling also. Thank you.

April 7 DEADLINE for Republican Convention

I urge you to join me in signing up today to be a delegate to the May 18th Republican convention for my good friend and long time conservative Senator Mark Obenshain, who is running to be our next Attorney General.

Mark has been a defender of our liberty and freedom during his decade of service in the Senate of Virginia, which is why I have endorsed him for Attorney General.

In addition to the race for Attorney General, there is a 7 way race for Lt. Governor in the Republican convention. And
some of us are having quite a job deciding who among these 7: Davis, Snyder, Lingamfelter, Martin, Stewart, Stimpson, Jackson.

Time is running out, and I hope you will file to be an Obenshain delegate for the convention on May 18th in Richmond.
I am neutral on the Lt. Gov. race but you can call me or write me and ask me about them.

Loudoun County's deadline is April 7th, and today- Friday, you are able to access and print the Loudoun filing form by visiting E-mail the Loudoun Coordinator, Dan at: and he will assist you with campaign materials, information and details about getting signed up.

For All You Veteran Conventioneers, You Know The Drill

Loudoun County Delegate filing forms for the Republican State Convention in May are now available! Please click here to download the form or visit our website, You must submit a completed official filing form by 5:00 PM Sunday, April 7, 2013, to Mark Sell, 1012 Smartts Lane, Leesburg, VA 20176, to file to be a delegate to the convention. Postmarks will not govern. Facsimiles and scanned documents will not be accepted.

This is the link for you to download your form from the official Republican website and mail it in.

Why 'President's Day' properly belongs to George Washington

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