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Breaking: Eugene Delgaudio advances Sterling's "Debt Monster Slayer" To Address 200 Supporters Tonight in Leesburg-- Liberals Will Attempt to Silence Him

January 28, 2013

Dimitri Kesari, the Delgaudio-supported "Debt Monster Slayer", has agreed to address supporters tonight in what can only be described as a new development in his campaign to obtain the Board of Supervisors approval to serve another term on the Loudoun Water Authority.

During the the Republican Party general membership meeting in Leesburg in the Board of Supervisors room Kesari will address supporters at approximately 7:30 p.m.

The board of supervisors meeting room is located in the center of Leesburg at one harrison street. Southeast on the first floor just off the main lobby. It is the only five story structure in the historic section with a 3 story parking garage next to it.

He may use his status as a member of the town council of Hamilton and or he may use his campaign manager role for dozens of current or future candidate campaigns to address his candidacy for the water authority. Or he may be called upon by one of several candidates present. Or he may make a parlimentary motion to address broader issues during the meeting as he has frequently done for 20 years.

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