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YAF IS BACK: 15 Year old Student Starts Young Conservative Club

January 17, 2013

15 Year old Student Starts Young Conservative Club

The White House is in depression. Republican liberals are fearful. A chapter of the
Young Americans for Freedom has formed in Loudoun County. They meet weekly on Mondays at 5 p.m. except federal holidays.

Loudoun liberals are already posting their fearful worries that a 15 year old young conservative will gain popular support.

Leesburg Today reports "Quinn Reichard, 15, held the first meeting of the Loudoun County Chapter of Young Americans for Freedom Jan. 7. The group is for high school-age students who are interested in promoting the principles of freedom and conservatism in Loudoun County."

Quinn, who will serve as the group's chairman, said he wanted to start the group because he's noticed a declining respect the U.S. Constitution and its tenets. "So I want to create a group that educates fellow high schoolers on what the true intent of the Constitution is, but also what the principles of making a nation prosperous are," he said.

Recihard said "The principles that the founding fathers based our nation upon were the ones that made America into the most prosperous and free country in the world for two hundred years. Namely, the principles of a Republic, operating strictly under the United States Constitution and a free market economy."

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