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Eugene Delgaudio: "Crime Meeting Wed. Jan. 16 @ 7 PM"......Night Time Construction Jan. 15-22....Right To Life March in DC Jan. 25.....$cholar$hips Being Awarded for YAF and LI Schools.......3 major TAX HIKES Coming?.....much more

January 13, 2013

Delgaudio Promoted Sheriff Meeting in Sterling Wed. Jan. 16, 7 p.m.

Years ago, in 2008, we had problems in Sterling. A big part of it was crime but there
were other issues, like quality of life issues on a whole range of basic enforcement of
county ordinances on health, safety and overcrowding of houses, etc.

I had to beg and confront the major news media on how they could ADVANCE progress
for Sterling and I am grateful they did it. Of course, they regularly attack
Sterling since the emergency is past.

Together with many of you, long time residents, we went to public meetings demanding
that the county pay attention to crime and quality of life issues.

We got promises and the county has continued to live up to its promises.

That takes engagement and involvement on the part of the long time citizens and the
newcomers who are just learning about this now (here with this newsletter).

Sterling Sheriff's Station Safety Meeting Jan. 16

The Sheriff will hold a public safety meeting for the Sterling Sheriff Station area Wednesday, January 16, 2013.

The quarterly public safety meeting is part of the agency's effort to better utilize resources, while at the same time providing a higher level of service to county residents. The meeting will be held at 7PM at the Sterling Sheriff's Station located at 46620 East Frederick Drive in Sterling (adjacent to Rolling Ridge Elementary School).


Watch out for Nighttime construction Jan 15-22 Eastbound 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Lots of photos posted here (45 photos). Please look out for workers. There will be restrictions with work going on at night time also. Lots of progress and they work is on schedule to add dedicated turn lanes on Sterling Blvd. and Roue 7 onto Sterling Blvd.

click on plans for construction here

News You Will Not See On The TV News:

Teen Job Fair March 16

Save the Date, Saturday March 16 from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Claude Moore Community Center on Cascades Parkway. That's the date for Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio's Fifth Annual Teen Job Fair. Let me know if you can volunteer and let me know if you want to hire teens. One new company that prepares food wants to hire 1500 teens for the summer just ten minutes from Sterling.

Park View HS "The Elephant Man"
Dominion HS "Little Shop of Horrors"

Opening night will be Thursday Janaury 31, Friday Feb. 1 and closing on Saturday Feb 2 at 7 p.m. nightly Dominion HS is producing Little Shop of Horrors for its Winter production on Thursday Feb. 14m Friday Feb. 15, and Saturday Fe. 16, 7:30 p.m. nightly.

Tax Hike One Coming

I oppose this and will vote "no" at the board meeting. The board finance committee told the county administrator to prepare a proposal to prepare a budget at the "equalized tax rate" which means the amount you pay in taxes will be the same but the rate will be adjusted upward to be "equalized".

There are over 100 million in cuts that can occur and I have them posted here, and if you support cuts tell the board to vote to reduce spending and not allow spending to increase.

Tax Hike Two Coming

I am sad to say that all of us got a bump up in our taxes due to the end of the Bush Tax Reductions pushed by President Obama. I oppose tax hikes and hope that spending can be reduced.

Tax Hike Three is a Water Rate Hike
Why promote "non-citizens" to our utility company?

I support citizen members to the Loudoun Water board that are pledged to reduce unnecessary spending for elaborate offices and overpriced projects so I nominated former Water Board member Dimitri Kesari to an expired term. Charlie McKinney is a former Republican Chairman and is also nominated. Either one is qualified but Kesari is a nominee devoted to budget reduction and serves as a long time defender of Sterling values. BOTH Republicans would be blocked by a new proposal.

Some board of supervisor members like Scott York want to block average citizens from serving on the utility rates board and only allow professionals.

I believe that will result in higher water rates for Sterling residents right away as "engineers" are more likely to approve building, plans and spending your money.

If you believe your water bill is too low and you want to see it going higher, please write the board of supervisors and tell them you support "professional engineers" rather than average citizens being appointed to manage it.

If you believe your water bill should be carefully watched by someone who is known for cutting waste, then tell the board to keep citizens like Dimitri Kesari on the board. Write the board at

Scholarship Opportunities for Sterling Young Conservatives

If you or someone you know is a young conservative high school student or college student, consider taking advantage
of paid tuition scholarship to either the Leadership Institute sessions or the Young America's Foundation sessions
at the upcoming CPAC on Feb. 2013 in Washington. If you want to attend a HS or college conference next July 2013, apply now to me and I will interview you or your child. Over the years 25 Sterling students have been awarded $5,000.

Other Leadership Opportunity for Teens

The Cascades Communicators Toastmasters Club is conducting an 8 week Youth Leadership School begining Jan. 23 at Dominion HS for Titan students. Registration is $10 contact


Stabbing on North Fillmore Ave.
Click on Link for details

Malicious Wounding/Stabbing (UPDATE): Aleta J. James, 32, of Sterling, was released from a local hospital Monday and was charged with malicious wounding and abuse and neglect of a child. The arrest stems from an assault involving two family members at a residence on North Fillmore Avenue. The suspect was hospitalized as a result of injuries she sustained during the incident. The victim, a 51-year-old female, was taken to Inova Fairfax Hospital for non-life-threatening injuries she sustained from the assault. Two family dogs were also injured during the assault. Both of the dogs succumbed to their injuries. Loudoun County Animal Control also responded to the scene. James remains held without bond at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center.

38th Women's Self-Defense Workshop is Now Full

The Loudoun Sheriff's Office announced Friday morning about this and then announced "Friday afternoon that their 38th Women's Self-Defense Workshop scheduled for Tuesday, January 8, 2013 is now full." I hope to organize an ad hoc
"2nd Woman's Self Defense Seminar" in the Spring of 2013 similar to the last one that I organized with a lot of help. If you teach self defense and want to be part of this Sterling based seminar please let me know. 100 women attended the last seminar.

Victim Identified in December 27th Homicide in Sterling

The victim of a December 27th homicide in the area of Great Trail Terrace and Trail Run Terrace has been identified as Jovaughn J. Johnson, 30, of Sterling.

Sheriff's Deputies responded to the area shortly before 7PM on December 27th for a check the welfare call. The victim was found deceased inside a 2002 white Mercedes Benz SUV.

Eugene Delgaudio: Please support these bills introduced to preserve Religious Liberty in Virgina

A longtime conservative leader who serves in the House of Delegates, Bob Marshall, also represents
Loudoun County and all Sterling liberty-minded citizens.

Please support these Religious Liberty bills challenging the Obama HHS abortion pill/birth control mandate that have been sent to the House Commerce and Labor Committee in the Richmond, Virginia, House of Delegates.

There are two Sterling area delegates that need phone calls. You do not need to call Delegate Bob Marshall as he is the Loudoun Delegate who has introduced the bill.

Call these two Sterling area representatives on the Commerce and Labor Committee (see below) please contact him or her by this Friday (January 11) and ask him/her to support all three bills.

If you live in the same county/city as a committee member, contact that committee member and say, "I am a resident of "NAME YOUR county" and ask for their support.

HB 1314 Protects employers from being forced to comply with the HHS mandate when providing insurance for their employees.

HB 1315 Protects individuals who buy their own health insurance, from being forced to buy a policy which complies with the HHS mandate.

HB 1417 Provides that the Commonwealth of Virginia is not obligated to furnish abortion pills and other birth control to employees.

Eugene Delgaudio says "This Marshall legislation, HB 1314 & 1315, if passed will protect Sterling Americans from Barack Obama's HHS Mandate which requires colleges, churches, non-profits and businesses to provide and individuals to buy, abortion pills, birth control and sterilization insurance coverage even if it is against our conscience and parents oppose their children using it! Other drugs, from chemotherapy to flu shots, require co-payments!"

Commerce & Labor Committee

call the two Sterling area delegates NOW

Chairman Terry Kilgore / 804-698-1001 /
Delegate Harry Purkey / 804-698-1082 /
Delegate Kathy Byron / 804-698-1022 /
Delegate Lee Ware / 804-698-1065 /
Delegate Tim Hugo / 804-698-1040 /
Delegate Tom Rust (STERLING) / 804-698-1086 /
Delegate Danny Marshall / 804-698-1014 /
Delegate Ben Cline / 804-698-1024 /
Delegate Jackson Miller / 804-698-1050 /
Delegate Don Merricks / 804-698-1016 /
Delegate Manoli Loupassi / 804-698-1068 /
Delegate John Cosgrove / 804-698-1078 /
Delegate Rob Bell / 804-698-1058 /
Delegate Barbara Comstock (STERLING) / 804-698-1034 /
Delegate Gregory Habeeb / 804-698-1008 /
Delegate Joe Johnson / 804-698-1004 /
Delegate Johnny Joannou / 804-698-1079 / none
Delegate Kenny Alexander / 804-698-1089 /
Delegate Jennifer McClellan / 804-698-1071 /
Delegate Jeion Ward / 804-698-1092 /
Delegate Lynwood Lewis / 804-698-1000 /
Delegate Roslyn Tyler / 804-698-1075 /


David Ramadan
Member, House of Delegates
Eighty-Seventh District

Jim LeMunyon
Member, House of Delegates
67th District or (703) 264-1432.

Delegate Randy Minchew
(703) 777 - 1570 or 804-698-1010

Senator Richard Black
(804) 698-7513 or

Delegate Tag Greason

Senator mark Herring

Bonus Hyperbole Alert
Bonus Hyperbole Alert

Eugene Delgaudio "Anybody who spies on little girls' birthday parties is an enemy of freedom"..

"Property Rights Must Be Defended Whenever Possible"

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