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Eugene Delgaudio: Eco-Extremists and PETA Types Want to Bring Back "Giant Rats" and Hordes of Flying Vermin to Sterling

January 6, 2013

This is a breaking story of extreme significance if adverse action is taken in Leesburg by the Town government.

Sterling has benefited from proper and humane measures to restrict, control or otherwise limit the numbers of what I call "giant rats" or wild deer from our county parks interfering with our residential peace.

And a variety of methods that have taken years resulted in fewer vultures flying around Sterling.


This is the headline in the Loudoun Wildlife alert tonight:

The group is attempting to stop the efforts to limit the growth of the vulture population in Leesburg.

Vultures and deer have been a problem in Sterling and they are a problem in this county and the Town of Leesburg is considering methods that are effective and safe but objectionable to "Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy".

For space and time reasons, I will not list the many methods used and urgent reasons to keep wild deer from being in large numbers in the Sterling area. Hunters for the Hungry got the deer so that poor families could eat.

There is no current program but there may be proposals for allowing private management efforts of the deer population in open spaces, county parks and large properties in the future.

For space consideration, I will not list the various methods used to keep the vulture population down in Sterling.

Years ago I remember how I watched with some frustration the hundreds of vultures in Sterling.

Along with some very dedicated civic servants, I took measures years ago to make life a little less welcome for the vultures.

In the case of vultures, remember we have a large international airport and Leesburg has a small airport which is important to them.

To save our economy, keep our airplanes flying, and keep these pests at bay, the county and the town of Leesburg should be urged to use any and all safe methods to keep the deer population down and the vulture population down.

If you and I do not use every SAFE method, we will end up overrun by Giant Rats (that's what I call them) and flying vermin (that's what I call vultures).

Please write the board of supervsiors at
and the Leesburg Town Council

If you do not, then limits placed on reducing these giant rats and flying vermin will be put in place and we may see a resurgence of these stupid restrictions with a rise in their harrassment of Sterling residents.

It was these liberal politically correct restrictions that caused some of the problems in the past.

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