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Eugene Delgaudio: "God Calls Friend of Sterling, Top Educator, Father and former Delegate Robert Thoburn"

December 27, 2012

Sterling notes the passing of the one of the most inspirational yet casual pro-family heros in this generation.

Robert Thoburn educated thousands and was credited by observers with starting 200 private Christian schools in America.
Mr. Thoburn and his family influenced education policies in this region and the entire nation for the past 40 years with little recogniton.
Liberals hated the Thoburn family with a passion and the Thoburns fought liberals by running for office. Robert Thoburn was elected to be member of the Virginia House of Delegates and led the conservative wing of the General Assembly at one point.
Just ten minutes from Sterling with hundreds of students who have helped this Sterling community over the years with their civic devotions and volunteering, Mr. Thoburn and his family have never been shy about helping out.
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