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Eugene Delgaudio Wishes Happy Hanukkah and Season's Greetings......Thousands of Sterling Houses Have Lights Lights Lights........Religious Expression Community Cheers Board and Gives Kind Solicitations to All in Leesburg

December 8, 2012

Thousands of Sterling Houses Have Lights Lights Lights

E. Juniper Avenue in Sterling is decorated for the season and there are many brightly lit houses in Sterling.

E. Juniper is listed on Holly's Tacky Christmas Lights list #45 is 902 N Sterling Blvd, Sterling, VA
and "honorable mention" to 111 Church Road Sterling, Va.

This Holly lady talks about lights in the entire Virginia and Maryland region on her blog.

Christians Wish Atheists Merry Christmas

On Tuesday, many people of different faiths came out to defend the religious displays commemorating the Holiday season: nativity, Santa, Christmas tree and menorah this past week and the protestors were asked to forgive us while we go about our gift-giving and food drives for the poor and to forgive elected officials who get excited about the holiday.

Happy Hanukkah and Season's Greetings.

This holiday for the Sterling Jewish community is Sunday.

The significance of this Jewish holiday is that the Jewish Temple was purified and the wicks of the menorah miraculously burned for eight days, even though there was only enough sacred oil for one day's lighting.

Which is why we have as one of our holiday symbols on the Leesburg Courthouse grounds a menorah.

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