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Does STERLING Get 8 Ballots or One Block Vote?

July 15, 2005

If you want to keep the $200,000,000 bond proposal "separated by
project" then write the board immediately. Otherwise, you will be forced
to vote on a super bond with one yes or no vote.

For the first time in many long years, the BOS Finance Committee voted
to place SEPARATE bonds so that you can vote on each bond. Now the
liberal elite want to limit your vote, on Tuesday at a full board
meeting, and have promised to take 7 of the 8 ballots on each bond and
reduce it to one yes or no block vote, just like the Democratic
controlled boards of the past.

If you agree with me and want to vote for the bonds one by one, tell the
Board of supervisors before Tuesday "I want to vote one by one on each
school bond.I object to one block vote on $200 million."

I know you do not agree with liberal Supervisor Jim Burton. Burton wants
to lump everything together so that you or your neighbors are held
hostage to what the liberal elite wants to put in Western Loudoun.



>>> Special Guest Appearance
>>> Supervisor Staton Writes Supervisors

In a letter to the board of sup.,Supervisor Mick Staton
(R-Sugarl.)explains why he opposes putting a Western HS on the November

Staton said, in part, " I cannot support the Bond question for the
Western High School because I cannot support the choice of the Fields
Farm site for a High School. So many questions revolve around the
selection of the site that, in my opinion, will make it impossible to
work through....

1. The opposition of the citizens and the Town Council (of P'c'ville).

Throughout this process we have heard very vocal objections to the idea
of putting a High School on this site, both from the citizens and the
Town Council.......

2. The PUGAMP process.
In order to have the High School work on this site, it needs to be
served by central utilities which have to be provided from the Town of
Purcellville. (ED note: they oppose school).........

Staton continued: This can be a time consuming process (taking years)
even if the Purcellville Town Council were in agreement with the site
selection and were cooperative with us, and I believe a majority of them
are not.

3. The cost and construction of the 690 interchange (in Purcellville).

(It may not be needed).... Certain people have said the cost would be
around $15 Million, but that figure cannot be reliable since there has
never been any design work for this project.

(This fact alone, no design work,)... will virtually guarantee that
any interchange planned for this intersection will not be open and
available for use in time for the planned opening of this High School,
and does not make the selection of this site feasible...(END OF STATON

THANK YOU MICK. I ask: why put a $15 million intersection where people
don't want it? Eastern Loudoun needs the road improvements.

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>>>Republicans Kilgore, Bolling, McDonnell >>>Announce Legislation to
Strengthen >>>Protection of Private Property Rights!
7/13/2005 6:13:00 PM

Legislation To Curb Potential Impact of Recent U.S. Supreme Court Decision

Yesterday, July 13, Republican AG candidate Bob McDonnell said he was
"pleased" to join gubernatorial candidate and former Attorney
General Jerry Kilgore and Lt. Governor's candidate Senator Bill Bolling
to call for legislation and a Virginia constitutional amendment to
strengthen protections of private property rights in Virginia. They were
joined by Congresswoman Thelma Drake (R-2nd District), who has taken a
leadership role at the state and federal level on eminent domain reform,
and Rep. Drake also supported the proposal.

AG Candidate Bob McDonnell said "Our Founders believed that the
protection of life, liberty and property was the first duty of
government. These proposals will provide the necessary
additional protections to prevent the government from taking private
property for primarily private purposes."


See "Land Use Scene" in Leesburg Today Newspaper On-line- Split Board
Continues Western Zoning Debate Tuesday

>>>>Become a Crossing Guard

Over 11,000 children walk to school in Loudoun County and the Sheriff's
Office is looking for responsible and energetic people to become
crossing guards to help them cross busy
streets safely.

The Sheriff's Office is currently looking to fill a number of openings
for people who are available between 7:20 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and 2:30
p.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays--starting pay range now stands between $12.88
and $17.38/hour.

For more information contact Willy Stevenson at 703-771-5735 or obtain
an application online at and click on jobs.

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>>>Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling) >>>Condemns Day Labor Site
in Herndon

In a letter sent to members of the Planning Commission and Town Council
of Herndon, Sup. Delgaudio said:

"For the record, the problem of day labor in your community is one
without borders, which is why given the site’s encroachment onto Loudoun
County, and the fact many of the laborers will be trucked into Loudoun
County, I am obligated to state my vehement opposition to the proposal.
Thank you.


I urge the Town of Herndon to deny the application for the site, or at
least make approval contingent on the requirement that all laborers
using the site show identification verifying their legal status. While
these laborers are not violent felons, some of them are breaking the law
and making the area more attractive to other illegal immigrants, namely
members of the violent MS-13 street gang.


It is also my understanding the town council voted to spend $37,000 in
taxpayer money to help develop the day labor site. The use of taxpayer
money to subsidize illegal activity violates Virginia Code. If any
Community Development Block Grant funds or other grants are part of the
package, the Town may be in violation of federal law as well.

The proposed day labor site is an irresponsible and potentially illegal
use of taxpayer funds, and it further complicates efforts to enforce
immigration laws and combat gang activity in both Loudoun and Fairfax
Counties. I would encourage the Planning Commission, Town Council and
you to act in the best interests of our shared community and turn down
the proposal. Thank you again. Please include my remarks in the public
record. (end of letter from Delgaudio to the Herndon Town Council and
Planning Commission)

Loudoun watches site for day laborers
(ARTICLE in the L.Times Mirror online)

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In a unanimous board vote to approve legislation drafted by Eugene
Delgaudio, the Loudoun Board of Supervisors encouraged the School Board
to adopt PPEA (private public partnership) guidelines before the next
fiscal year's CIP, and recommended that the use of Affordable Building
Concepts in school design and construction be added (for consideration)
to the agenda for the joint Board of Supervisors/School Board Committee
meeting scheduled for July 7, 2005 and recommended that County staff
report its findings and recommendations regarding Affordable Building
Concepts to the Finance/Government Services Committee (by September 6th).

In testimony at a Board meeting, ABC reps showed how construction costs
can be reduced by $1.4 million at a typical elementary school. During a
brief appearance at a joint meeting 48 hours later, ABC reps responded
to questions on cost comparisons for 30 years of HVAC use (heat and AC)
and showed how they can save $14 million over 30 years. They spoke in
five minutes flat as demanded by both Bruce Tulloch and Sch. Bd. Chair
John Andrews.

BOS Vice chairman Bruce Tulloch and School Board Chairman John Andrews
yelled at the Affordable Building Concept representative to disregard my
invitation to respond to Sch. Sup. Dr. Ed Hatrick's hand written note
attacking ABC.

Previously, the Leesburg Today reported Tulloch, and Sup. Burton, as
being "skeptical". Yet Tulloch formally introduced the motion to adopt
the Delgaudio proposal.

I gladly accept their votes in favor of my proposals. I know you will
too. I am mystified why they yell. I hope they continue to vote to to
support good ideas to save taxpayers money.

Millions of dollars are at stake. Your millions.


See the funny picture of Eugene Delgaudio between Vice Chairman Bruce
Tulloch and Supervisor Lori Waters. (They are much better company than
Chuck Harris and Eleanor Towe. thank you.)

Surprise: Interchange Money ‘Drops’ On Supervisors

>>>General Zoning Complaints?

* Guide to zoning enforcement to let you know how to use the following
form (on homepage)

Overcrowding complaints?

Anti-crowding regulations limit the number of people per square foot in
residential structures. A copy of the rules are available online on the

Delgaudio Resource Library Fights Loudoun Liberals

>>>Robert Bork And Dan Quayle Lead for Supreme Court in Online Supreme
Court Poll

Participants in an on-line Supreme Court survey are now voting and
former Judge Robert Bork is in the lead, with former Vice President
Quayle in 2nd place in balloting, with 13 other "candidates" neck and neck.

To Vote: (so many candidates, one vote)

See Results If you voted already

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