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August 6, 2005


Just now, I learned about an event occuring in Providence Village, which
is the area next to the shopping center in downtown Sterling by the LCSA
water tower, across from the Sully Elementary School.

It is the cause of great concern to many Sterling neighbors.

The Sheriff's Office is currently on the scene of the suspicious deaths
of an adult female and her juvenile son.

The woman's family contacted authorities Saturday after they became
concerned for her welfare because they learned that she was depressed.

Authorities entered the home in the 100 block of St. Charles Square in
Sterling shortly after 1:10 PM and discovered the mother and son
deceased inside the home.

Member of the Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigations Division remain
at the scene at this time.

Our prayers go to the recently deceased. And pray for our public
servants working, the surviving family and our neighbors at this time.
Please cooperate with the authorities if you know anything about this
matter. Thank you.

I will keep you informed as details come foreward.

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