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Eugene Delgaudio "For four terms, and God willing more terms, I stand as a small David against the foul smelling decaying corpse of rotting lies that is the Washington Post."

October 3, 2012

Statement made bye Eugene Delgaudio October 3, 2012 during the board meeting debate and passage 9 to zero of a process to resolve the Washington Post lies and misreprestations.

I am so glad we have Supervisor elections every 4 years.

What an honor to be the substitute for Sarah Palin and Chic-Fil-A in the media. What a treat.

The suicide bombers of the political left pull their own rings on their detonation devices as they advance on me and Sterling and all honest to God conservatives.

The liberals blow themselves up as they approach me with their fantastic lies about what I do--and about what all normal God-fearing Americans do.

The liberals destroy themselves with misrepresentation, mistruth, libel, slander, exaggeration and outright Falsehoods and victimize many innocent citizens.

This form of propaganda madness does no one no good and they have failed and they will fail.

With my style, I often give you a HYPERBOLE ALERT.

Around here in the Washington, all you have to do is say "The Washington Post reports".

The Washington Post has printed attacks on me for years. They oppose me and all Christians for taking a stand in support of the Boy Scouts, traditional marriage and yes even eating chicken at the restaurant of your choice.

There is nothing new in this latest slander against me by the Post which is simply repeated by other news organizations and some well meaning but misguided liberals.

But this is more than an attack on my simple methods at finding support for youth sports leagues.

More than an attack on my non-controversial and straightforward record of winning four elections in Sterling.

It is an attack on the accomplishments and dreams and character building of 10,000 young people who have come through the youth football system in the past 40 years and the 10,000 who will come in the next 40 years.

There is a spot lamp on what I do and how I do it. That 's great. You won't find anything.

I welcome the Spot lamp. Thank you Chairman York. Thank you Board members.

What makes the liberals really mad?

The fact that I have fought them and their liberal friends for 30 years unceasingly and unappoletically.

And that I represent a neighborhood that is 60 per cent miniority while helping that community to survive

The elitist liberals demand my minority majority stop voting and demand a dictatorship like an occupying horde to be installed or imposed on Sterling as punishment.

But the fact that I largely ignore the Washington Post is the most annoying thing to them.

And Sterling and Loudoun ignores the Washington Post too.

The hard work of raising families and keeping the peace so that families can be raised. That is the mission of the Sterling Supervisor

Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

That is the lesson bigger than all of us. That is what the Washington Post and liberals in the media are attacking.

People in Sterling, Loudoun and the Washington area ignore the Washington Post and the liberals in the media because we are - all of us-- each Supervisor And the entire bulk of the Washington region are simply working to raise our families and trying to keep the peace so that our families can be raised.

That's why the Washington Post and the liberals in the media are ignored and irrelevant.

Helping Sterling like your life depended on it. Like America depended on it. Like western civilization depended on it. Like all of human kind depends on it.

That is what I learn from the many men and women who devote their lives to youth sports leagues like the Lower Loudoun Football League and so many others.

Many families have full time parents but let's take a minute here and understand that these sports leagues for every sport require an ARMY Of full time family members pouring forty to 80 hours each week to make the entire youth sports operation function.

For 30 years I stand as a bright marker to the rest of the country right here at your doorstep.

For four terms, and God willing more terms, I stand as a small David against the foul smelling decaying corpse of rotting lies that is the Washington Post.

I trust the good people of Sterling to know the truth by simply talking to me.

I won't let some misguided liberals come between me and the people!

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