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Delgaudio In Herndon Tonight

August 16, 2005

>>>Stabbing Suspect Turns Self
>>>Over to Authorities;

A man wanted for allegedly stabbing a Sterling man this weekend turned
himself over to authorities Monday night but Sheriff's Investigators
continue to seek witnesses of the incident and the case remains under

Shawn Corey Shannon, 29, is charged with aggravated malicious wounding.

Thank you to any of you who called with information or looked for the
suspect or his car as a result of the previous email message.


I plan on being in Herndon tonight from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. I think the
loud and clear message from Sterling citizens is that you are
overwhelmingly opposed to Herndon puting a taxpayer paid for illegal
alien job center on property that actually sits partly on land in
Loudoun county.

The Herndon Town Council is meeting TONIGHT, TUESDAY August 16th. At
5pm, 765 Lynn Street (across from Dairy Queen), the doors will open and
Town Council will hold its hearing at 6 P.M. on the proposed Illegal
Alien Job Center.

There are citizens on line right now so that they can speak early.

Bring water, a portable chair to wait in line and a good book to read,
as the Town Council seems to want the public to stand and wait rather
than schedule the hearing at a location where you can sit like
everywhere else in America and be treated as an American citizen who has
the right to testify at a public hearing.

Many of your neighbors will be there. I will be there.

>>>Delgaudio to join Chris Core at 8:30 p.m.

I will join radio talk show host Chris Core as he broadcasts live from
the Herndon Town Council Meeting on the Illegal Alien Job Center tonight.

Consider joining me under the WMAL tent as I make my remarks. I have
asked another Supervisor, Mick Staton, to also join me.

The Herndon Town Council will vote on public funding for a day laborer
shelter that would serve a large number of illegal aliens. 630 WMAL's
Chris Core will be there in person to deliver blow-by-blow coverage The
Chris Core Show will broadcast live from Herndon Town Hall beginning at
6:00pm. How do you feel about this issue? Come out and make your opinion
known, or call Chris Core at 202-432-WMAL. The show will be gripping.
Don't miss a minute!


Please consider attending the Town council hearing in Herndon. It is not
part of our county but they are treating Loudoun citizens in an improper
manner. I will go there to observe first hand and seek to prevent the
public abuse of Loudoun, or Virginia citizens.


Consider also holding a sign in opposition to the Illegal Alien Job
Center. Consider talking to me about topics that you consider to be
important. If you are a recent legal immigrant to our USA then be
assured your opinion is especially relevant to me and to the public.

>>> Petition Presented Objecting To Rights Abuse

A petition has been presented to the Herndon Mayor by eight Sterling
District citizens and 6 others who claim their rights under the
constitution and the Va. Freedom of Information Act.

I have reviewed the petition and know the Sterling citizens are upset
that the Herndon Town Council prevented the citizens from staying as it
was clear to them that a time change in the public comment period would
require them to stay until after midnight. This is probably illegal but
indicates a sleazy pattern to abuse Virginia citizens.

I have written the Loudoun county attorney to advise me how to protect
the rights of our citizens and what action we should take. I have
prepared a lengthy layman's opinion and presented this to the members of
the Fairfax Board of Supervisors (Herndon is part of Fairfax) and the
Herndon Town Council to warn them that this is a serious matter.

In summary, I believe citizens have a right to petition government and
to be able to participate in an open public hearing. Sterling Americans
are not to be treated with disrespect and they are now hearing from me
as a result of this wrongful action.

>>>>OBVIOUS PATTERN OF ABUSE being practiced

After I wrote my inquiry and preliminary opinion I have learned that
there are other incidents of clear abuse of Sterling citizens in order
to discourage them from going to Herndon in order to testify at public

This involves making our citizens wait in lines in public in the heat
and for hours for no reason what so ever. Cutting them off when talking
and going past midnight (most local governments recess to another
evening at 12 midnight) and holding large meetings in small rooms when
large facilities (i.e. public schools) rooms are empty and available.

I hope that these reported incidents of abuse do not continue. I plan on
going to Herndon in order to investigate these incidents at their August
16 meeting. I want to know tonight or any night from any Virginia citizen:

If the Herndon town council....

.......eliminates your freedom of speech by instructing you to stop
talking about Illegal immigrants to this Herndon-Sterling area, I want
to know.

...... prevents you and any Virginia citizen from speaking on any topic,
I want to know.

.......makes you or any Virginia citizen wait in line for hours without
a seat to sit on, I want to know.

...... makes you or any Virginia citizen wait for hours until after
midnight, I want to know.

...... tells you to stop talking outside the chambers on a public
street, I want to know.

.......changes the format of the public agenda in order to make you wait
even longer hours, I want to know.

.......forces you wait outside in adverse weather, I want to know.

.......forces to miss the proceedings in order to wait on line to
testify where you have to pick either testifying or watching and
listening the public hearing, I want to know.

......refuse to allow you to sign up in advance over the phone, I want
to know.

......refuse to call you back with information or answer questions, I
want to know.

I ask that all citizens to peacefully and properly RESIST attempts to
limit your freedom of speech, freedom of movement and freedom to legally
attend public government meetings in Virginia and to observe public
meetings in the most open fashion. The travesty that is occurring in
Herndon is a federal, state and local issue that I am attempting to
properly investigate with your assistance. Thank you.

>>>Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling)
>>>Condemns Day Labor Site in Herndon

Tonight, I will make sure my letter is entered in the public record
again, sent earlier, to members of the Planning Commission and Town
Council of Herndon, in which I stated:

"For the record, the problem of day labor in your community is one
without borders, which is why given the site’s encroachment onto Loudoun
County, and the fact many of the laborers will be trucked into Loudoun
County, I am obligated to state my vehement opposition to the proposal.
Thank you.


I urge the Town of Herndon to deny the application for the site, or at
least make approval contingent on the requirement that all laborers
using the site show identification verifying their legal status. While
these laborers are not violent felons, some of them are breaking the law
and making the area more attractive to other illegal immigrants, namely
members of the violent MS-13 street gang.


It is also my understanding the town council voted to spend $37,000 in
taxpayer money to help develop the day labor site. The use of taxpayer
money to subsidize illegal activity violates Virginia Code. If any
Community Development Block Grant funds or other grants are part of the
package, the Town may be in violation of federal law as well.

The proposed day labor site is an irresponsible and potentially illegal
use of taxpayer funds, and it further complicates efforts to enforce
immigration laws and combat gang activity in both Loudoun and Fairfax
Counties. I would encourage the Planning Commission, Town Council and
you to act in the best interests of our shared community and turn down
the proposal. Thank you again. Please include my remarks in the public
record. (end of letter from Delgaudio to the Herndon Town Council and
Planning Commission)

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