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August 9, 2005

It has been a hard day. For several days, I have been on "vacation" but
generally I am the busiest I have ever been.

Early Monday morning, I met with Sterling Koons Ford engineers to
coordinate the improvements they are attempting with their property.
(Yes all their lights will be shielded soon).


Today, WMAL 630 Radio broadcast an interview of my opposition to the
illegal immigrant day labor center proposed in nearby Herndon.

The interview included soundbites from GOP Governor nominee Jerry
Kilgore, Eugene Delgaudio and 25 year veteran Fairfax Commonwealth
attorney Robert Horan all together in support of enforcing immigration
laws. To be in that company is an honor to me and Sterling.


And the Washington Post put me and Jerry Kilgore on the front page,
again supporting local governments duty to enforce laws that make
illegal immigrants "illegal". It is an honor to be quoted in this fashion.

In a talk to 50 volunteers, many from Sterling District, last night I
said: I announced my opposition to the day labor site only due to the
work of Sterling citizens who called me and called me to "take a stand".
You all know how hard it is for me to take a position.

I issued a July 7 letter (sent to you earlier) explaining why it is
illegal for any local government to assist in the breaking of federal
law. Fortunately, the prestigious Judicial Watch legal firm followed up
with a seventy page (we call it the "long version" of my one page
letter),memo listing the laws that would be broken should a day labor
site facilitate the hiring of illegal aliens. This was sent to Herndon
and Loudoun board members.

>>> The Delgaudio Letter Is A Line In The Sand

Now that July 7 Delgaudio letter has been the focus of numerous news
stories and public testimonies. In response to my letter, and working
with other Supervisors, a policy or official reaction was developed and
presented to the Supervisors 2 days after the recent adjourment.

>>>>>>>>Loudoun County Says No To Day Labor Site

In a meeting at law offices in Leesburg with Sterling District
constituents, also opponents of the proposed Day labor site, I released
several recent public documents from county officials explaining how a
Day Labor site at the proposed location must be put off or cancelled
until Loudoun County is included as an equal partner.

These public documents outlined how Loudoun County is opposed to the day
labor site.


Since the proposed site is located partly in Loudoun County (near
Sterling District, County Administrator Kirby Bowers has written the
Town of Herndon a letter informing them that Loudoun must be included
and the Loudoun County Zoning Administrator Melinda Artman has issued an
Informal Opinion that the proposed site would require a special
acception granted by the full Board of Supervisors, so unless Herndon
asks for one, they are operating outside of the law.


If you think I am on the right track, please tell me. This is a tough
issue and there is a raging controversy involving some well meaning
people on both sides. Several Congressmen have actually come in with
opinions in support of my opposition.

Tell me "Oppose the Day Labor Site" or "Support the Day Labor Site". or
"Do Nothing about the day labor Site" .Thank you.


I have been receiving phone calls and emails from many of you about The
Associated Press story on my announced reaction to certain revelations
about the Supreme Court nominee, John Roberts. This AP story featuring
me is being carried in many newspapers online and in print including the
New York Times and the famous Drudge Report.

It is rare that my public statements make such impact as they have today
and in recent days and at a planned news conference. I am honored that
my words are being quoted by so many. I will emphasize here to you that
my conservative positions are honestly made and reached with principles
that you hold dear. I promise to work as hard as ever.

Thank you for all the support you have given me as I confront liberalism
and its cheerleaders here in Sterling, in Loudoun and in the United
States. I hope I can continue in these successes with your help.

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