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Breaking: Eugene Delgaudio Endorses Democrat in U.S. Senate Primary in......

July 23, 2012

In Tennesee.

Eugene Delgaudio stated the following in a statewide mailing in Tennesee, in part:

"IF you are NOT voting in the GOP primary, for whatever reason, please vote in the Democratic
Primary on August 2 for Mark Clayton for U.S. Senate.

Mark Clayton. at age 35. is a long time volunteer serving on the board of directors of Public Advocate (title for identification only) and has toured 20 states defending traditional marriage.

He is a good solid conservative and we always like those kinds of nominees in any party."

Printed on the mailing also:

"Paid for and authorized by Eugene Delgaudio. Not in coordination with any candidate or committee. email me at"

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