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Eugene Delgaudio: "ACLU agrees with Loudoun Board and me" -- "Attorney General's Opinion on Religious Displays in Public Forums - "Basically Correct" "

July 21, 2012

ACLU of Virginia has used similar legal arguments to successfully defend religious expression in parks and other public places

Richmond, VA-In response to requests from media and government officials the ACLU of Virginia has issued a statement reacting to a legal opinion from Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli on religious displays in public places.

THIS IS THE LINK TO A.G. Ken Cucinelli's Opinion:

Cuccinelli's opinion, published last Friday, responds to a request from Delegate Robert G. Marshall, who asked whether or not it was permissible for Loudoun County to allow religious displays "honoring the birth of Jesus Christ" in a public forum located in front of the county courthouse in Leesburg. (See ACLU letter to Loudoun County Board of Supervisors.)

Referring to the rights of private citizens using public property, Cuccinelli writes that "where the County already has provided a public forum or limited public forum, it will usually lack the right to exclude a religious display of reasonable duration based solely upon content."

(Delgaudio note, the ACLU had previously, a year before,

issued a letter supporting my resolution to make the courthouse a free speech zone. So this is quite mind numbing to be on the good side of the ACLU several years in a row)


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