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Eugene Delgaudio's Official Statement On Virginia Lt. Governor Candidacy

July 15, 2012

The recent news coverage and conclusion of a vote on Metro, in which I consistently opposed Metro due to its large debt, has fueled speculation among supporters and active opponents that I am preparing a run for higher office such as running in the crowded race as Loudoun's favorite son for the Lt. Governor's position in the Republican convention.

I am working hard to fulfill my four year term and I am grateful to the people of Sterling for electing me as their Supervisor. I will not consider any other office due to this express loyalty given to me and by me to all Sterling Americans.

It is also my intention to stay in Sterling and am planning a 30th Wedding Anniversary with my wife
Sheila and a fundraising event in the Fall at Joe's Pizza for my 2015 election.

I am supporting Ken Cuccinelli for Governor and any extra political effort in 2013 must be devoted to that goal.

As far as my re-election effort, we raised $8363.00 this reporting period and we need to raise $10,000 in the next period.

That's more than enough work for me.

The news coverage are routine liberal attacks by some in the local and regional media. The vote on the Metro will long stand as a political controversy long past my tenure on this board of supervisors. I am standing as a conservative leader and speak my mind at all times.

There is no other agenda but to be a plain spoken humble, and local, elected conservative.

The discussion in some quarters centers on my long time political involvement from a young
age of 9 years old as documented in the respective news archives and from active leadership
roles in the New York and Virginia Republican Party senior leadership, and hardfought nomination
and Republican party battles for candidates in both states going back to 1968.

From chartering buses in Presidential primaries as early as 1972 to booking buses for Republican Party of Virginia conventions since 1988, I have worked with many convention organizers.

Not surprisingly the Sterling District and frequent majority mandates by the majority of citizens
to represent them in Leesburg in 1999, 2003, 2007 and in 2011 are referred to as stable leadership by most.

Some commentators say with just 10 per cent of the vote in a statewide convention, including the support of Sterling and Loudoun county, that a Loudoun Republican could have a shot at the nomination.

Sterling Supervisor is the most important job in the world for the most important community in Loudoun and the world.


Note to Liberals who have no sense of humor: This statement regarding the potential Delgaudio candidacy is intended as tongue in cheek similar to my ten city tour in 1995 announcing my decision not to challenge John Warner in the Republican primaries.

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