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Sterling Hit by Storm Friday Night! Hold On To Tuesday according to Authorities. Please tell your neighbors about this posted message as they may not have access to internet. Thank you

July 1, 2012

Sterling and Eastern Loudoun were hit hard by a serious storm-- a ground hurricane on Friday Night.

A dozen houses were hit by fallen trees and Argonne Road is blocked by a giant fallen tree near Beech

and north of Lincoln.

The storm hit the northern Virginia region and shut down electricity and phone service to 40,000 people in Eastern Loudoun and 250,000 people in the northern Virginia region.

Please be patient with repairs

Repairs are being worked on and I have been to every section of the district inspecting neighborhoods.

Sterling Residents have been heroic and sacrificial and generous. Shopping Center owners are being vigilent as several shops have to close due to loss of electricity.

To get gas for your generators, cars or to buy groceries, go outside the area. Giant Food Stores and some restaurants have deliveries and food.

Hold on to Tuesday, as that is the new expected date for 80 per cent of all repairs to be finished.

Listen to WTOP and update your facebook profiles frequently with updates for your neighbors.

Cooling centers are all county facilities and there are free showers at the Claude Moore Rec Center in Sterling. The Senior Center has daily meals for the seniors and is a good place to go if you do not have power if you are a senior.

Please tell your neighbors-- some areas have one side of the street with power and the other side without power--- that repairs are progressing and tell them the contents of this message.

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