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Happy Flag Day 2012. See You at Joe's. Delgaudio Statement "I have decided to Stay and Stand for Sterling"

June 14, 2012


Flag Day: US residents observe "Flag Day" as the anniversary of the adoption of the Stars and Stripes by the Continental Congress on June 14, 1777, when they made it the official flag of the United States.


Dear Sterling American,

Meet Me At Joe's Pizza Tonight for my Flag Day Event and to hear this Statement.

Joe's is located on Sterling Blvd. by Bill Allen Field and the Safeway Supermarket. Thank you.


Please be courteous and patient to any protest group
outside Joe's Pizza. This is America and this is their
way of expressing their opposition to majority rule.

Please be patient with any reporter and please remember
they are from out of town, newly arrived or do not understand
Sterling American values.

Give protestors or other outsiders your best Sunday Church side. Thank you.

Delgaudio Asked To Surrender Statement

ADVANCE STATEMENT-- for release 6:30 p.m. Tonight, June 14, 2012

I have decided to stay in office and to stand for Sterling.

Taxes are too high.

Jobs and cooperation with private enterprise rather than overregulation and attacks
on private enterprise are needed.

Traditional marriage, our young people and our way of life must be defended daily!

And I will work diligently until 2015 when my full term ends and I will seek a fifth term so that
voters can once again decide if my leadership is what a majority want.

The political liberals gasp outrage and with sour vinegar on their breath storm
in and around asking for my end.

Never mind that election results and majorities support my stated conservative positions since 1999.

Never mind that we build here in Sterling.

1000 Volunteers built the Discovery Park behind Sully Elementary School

Volunteers enforced the grass ordinances, pick up the trash on Sterling Blvd., staff the neighborhood watches in every precinct, serve on our supervisor advisory boards, run our youth sports groups, report crimes, clean up everywhere, and uphold the zoning laws.

Volunteers and citizens working together promote our many charities and the Boy Scouts and find jobs for 500 teenagers and 1,000 men and women seeking jobs at 2 job fairs.

Volunteers staff our fire department the largest fire department in the state with the largest number of volunteers.

There are countless examples of devotion and community success.

The liberals attack me and STERLING and condemn STERLING on camera and in prime time.

This is outrageous. I condemn hateful liberals who attack Sterling Americans and Sterling residents wholesale for simply residing in the greatest community on earth.

What is the ultimate goal of protesting extremists demanding my resignation ?

The goal of the leftist zealots is to distract and point fingers. They wish to cancel
election results and fraudently make up charges.

And they sadly mislead others. Telling them in a wider circle the confusing "crime" of a CONSERVATIVE in public office.

Add that to the injustice they perpetrate upon us and other innocent victims with demands for increased spending to continue.

Some Liberals are angry and are capable of any lie to try to stop us from accomplishing our constitutional right to the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS HERE.

Some in the news media seem to tag along parroting whatever new lie is contrived.

I will never tolerate attacks on Sterling. I will stand up for Sterling now and forever.

Long after I am gone, Sterling will stand because of these values.

These values are bigger and larger than one person.


God made us all. God will see us all when the time comes. And if you are Godless by choice,
I will pray for you. As I need prayers, and we all do, I ask the Godless to come to their senses and pray for me and you too.

This American Flag is our standard. It represents us and we honor it. It is a symbol for all that
is good and Godly in the world. Liberals can burn it because of a liberal Supreme Court but we
will replace it with a million flags and our good hearts.

Tonight and in recent days I have recieved growing support that I have asked for to respond to the attacks by liberals of every leftist persuasion.

Thank you all for being here tonight

Thank you for always standing by Sterling

Thank you for standing by Sterling Values

Thank you for standing by your families, our traditional values.

Godly values are represented in every religion here in Sterling. And if you do not have a faith, you are welcome here but please do not oppose the many expressions of faith by faith holders.

And thank you for standing by our country and our American flag.

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