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8 Days To Go To June 14 Flag Day Event At Joe's Restaurant

June 6, 2012

June 14 Delgaudio Fundraising Event-- details see below at end of this newsletter.
Please come to the Delgaudio Fundraiser, $25 per person or $35 per family, Thursday
June 14 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at JOE'S RESTAURANT. RSVP to

Dear Sterling American,

I know most of you are supportive, here's a quick recap of this years great events:

*Briar Patch renamed Gwen Thompson Park: 200 Sterling VIPs!
*Job Fair for Adults: 500 Sterling Americans got jobs!
*Teen Job Fair: 600 teens and 150 parents attended !
*Honor Roll Students: 2000 got Letters at Five area schools! (look for them)
*Sheriff's Substation open house: 350 citizens and families came!
*Memorial Day Ceremonies: 200 honor current and past Vets!

Coming up

June 14 Delgaudio fundraiser--50 respond, 100 needed

June 28 Community Briefing on Route 7 Improvements-- 50 needed-- free

July 4 Old Style Ponies and Music and Lizards-- TBA


The Democratic Party and their liberal allies either cheer those who burn the American Flag or
despise veneration of the American Flag as "flag worship" or attack Traditional Marriage as official policy

The liberals make bizarre claims, insult my supporters who comprise MAJORITIES in 4 elections and have even gotten some in the news media to parrot anti-Delgaudio and anti-Sterling diatribes in prime time on a routine basis.

Rich liberals are pouring in cash and the reporting deadline of June 30 will come AND GO. Liberals plan on declaring an early victory by having more money in the bank than me.

Will you let the liberals who hate the flag beat me with their money?

I will not lay down for Sterling American Haters from out of town.

Please do not sit idly by and allow extremists who want to cancel out your voice with their San Francisco funny money.

>>> Flag Day-- WE LOVE THE FLAG!

The next Delgaudio fundraiser is Thursday June 14, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at JOE'S RESTAURANT in Sterling, Virginia. Admission is $25 per person or $35 per family. Sponsorship Donations of $1000, $500, $250 or $100 are welcome.

Please rsvp and tell me you are coming. Thanks.

Please donate $1000. Or $500. Or $250. Or give 100 dollars. Please donate $35 for your family or just drop by and give $25 for yourself. Whatever you give will help respond to the crushing burden of rich liberals who want to bury Sterling with their funny money and declare "financial victory".

FLAG DAY JUNE 14 6:30 P.M.

50 of you have said "yes" we need 50 more. Just 8 days to go to June 14.

On Thursday June 14, 2012 at Six-thirty p.m. at Joe's Pizza on South Sterling Boulevard in Sterling next to Safeway just off Maple Avenue, I will announce our response to liberal demands to "Surrender Delgaudio". Admission is $25 per person and $35 per family.

Please be part of the response. Please tell me if you are coming. Thank you.


Joe's Restaurant is a new location for our band of brothers and sisters. Joes is located at 22360 South Sterling Blvd. opposite the Lower Loudoun Boys Football Fields in the same shopping center as Safeway Supermarket. Their phone is 703-444-9500.

Please Donate Today To Friends of Delgaudio

Donations to the Friends of Delgaudio can be made immediately online at this link (very much appreciated).

Or Please Mail checks to Friends of Delgaudio P.O. Box 1222 Sterling Va. 20167
Thank you.And God Bless you and your family.

GIANT PIG, and Delgaudio, Oppose GIANT DEBT

A giant pig rides through the day and night and its a great figure for children and adults to cheer.

The tax pig protests the biggest planned tax increase in the history of Loudoun county, the upcoming vote on July 3 to approve Metro for $315 million in "construction" funds and One billion dollars in planned operating funds and capitol funds over the next few years.

Business leaders love the planned tax increase and have come out to cheer raising taxes. They are silent about who pays for Metro other than the people of Sterling and Loudoun paying for it.

I stand opposed to any form of county debt to fund Metro. If support is not there to pay for it with a special dedicated fund with commercial properties funding it -- just like Loudoun funds every other big transportation project-- then it is not needed.

Some members of the CURRENT Board of Supervisors are quite enthusiastically in favor of going into GIANT DEBT for Metro. Tell them "no metro tax" by writing

Route 7 Improvements Briefing
Thursday June 28 7 PM
Cascades Library

This is the evening set aside for a public briefing by county staff on the construction taking place at Sterling Blvd. and Route 7.

This $2.2 million project is funded using little tax dollars with money received SIX YEARS ago by the sale of public surplus propery in Sterling.

The construction will take place mostly at night and over a 12 month period along route 7. The briefing will take place at the Eastern Loudoun Regional Library in Cascades next to the Sterling Senior Center in Cascades at 7 p.m.

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