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FREE FOOD-- MEET ME AT THE SUB STATION! SAT. 11-3 P.M. Zumba Party Tonight, Chik Fila Monday. Delgaudio Being Asked To Wave A White Flag and Surrender. Will Delgaudio Surrender to Liberals Dancing Like Cats On A Hot Tin Roof?

May 18, 2012

Free Food Saturday

Along with the yard sales, there is a special 2nd annual Open House for the Sterling Sheriff Substation. Over 500 citizens are expected. Saturday, May 19 at the station on East Frederick Road between Rolling Ridge ES and Briar Patch Park.

Captiain Alan Gabrielli will serve up hot dogs for you and Sheriff Chapman will be there. My office staff member Joe and Fred will be there so give them a hoot or holler. And there will be high school bands. Lots of music and dozens of public servants in uniform and in civilian clothes.

Have some fun. And find out what's what with the deputies. Did I mention FREE HOT DOGS?

Support Project Graduation Come to the Zumba Party!

Tonight: Friday MAY 18 7-9pm in the Park View High School Gym
Tickets $10 Bring your friends & family. Tell me what Zumba is after you find out.

FINAL Fundraiser Monday park view grad party

Monday, May 21, is Park View's Spirit Night at Chik-fil-a (Sugarland crossing next to Shoppers) and a great time to take the family out for dinner . Go between 5-8pm and mention Park View and a portion of the proceeds will go to Project Grad. This even works with the drive thru! This will be our final fund raiser for the 2012 class. Thank you for your support.
You don't have to tell me about chik-fil-a ! PLEASE BUY EXTRA MEALS MONDAY.

vets ceremony monday may 28

On Monday May 28 at 11 a.m. the VFW And the American Legion of Sterling will sponsor their 36th annual ceremoney at the Holly Avenue and Sterling Blvd. location where they have held every ceremony.

10th district Endorsements

I agree with AG Ken Cuccinelli that "Eve Marie Barner-Gleason is... a great friend. (And) Eve is an all-around conservative which a long record of being active in Loudoun and the 10th District. Her hard work and dedication to conservative values will make her an outstanding representative on the State Central Committee."

I will be also voting for Jo Thoburn (Fairfax) Jim Huber (Loudoun) Erin Smith (Loudoun) for "GOP Delegates" and Mark Sell for Elector. I will miss the first 2 hours of the open house for the substation to vote for them at a convention in Leesburg.

flag day should i stay or should i go

FLAG DAY JUNE 14 6:30 P.M.

Yes, the local and national media and the local and national Democratic Party zealots are dancing around like cats on a hot tin roof regularly and again this week and next week. The phones and tongues are wagging and ringing like flapping flags in the wind.

They want me to wave the white flag of surrender.

I want to wave the American Flag.

Like the scene in the Wizard of Oz, the wicked witches of the loony left and their flying monkeys circle our Emerald City and write in dark smoke in the cloudless blue sky "Surrender Delgaudio" in their recent mad pitch.
They have come to our Emerald City, our front door. They demand you "Surrender Delgaudio".

The liberal Sterling-haters will announce the amount of money they have raised soon to beat me. I will lose if I have nothing to report in my account. Please don't let them take me by letting them raise more money to beat me.

Don't let the liberals win, please decide "Fight On Delgaudio!" with your check.

Either way, please tell me your response "Surrender Delgaudio" or "Fight on Delgaudio!" tonight by hitting reply to me using email.

If you can also please tell me if you can come FLAG DAY June 14 to my "Surrender Or Fight" Announcement Party.

On Thursday June 14, 2012 at Six-thirty p.m. at Joe's Pizza on South Sterling Boulevard in Sterling next to Safeway just off Maple Avenue, I will announce the response to liberal demands to "Surrender Delgaudio". Admission is $25 per person and $35 per family


Joe's Restaurant is a new location for our band of brothers and sisters. Joes is located at 22360 South Sterling Blvd. opposite the Lower Loudoun Boys Football Fields in the same shopping center as Safeway Supermarket. Their phone is 703-444-9500.

Please Donate Today To Friends of Delgaudio

Donations to the Friends of Delgaudio can be made immediately online at this link (very much appreciated).

Or Please Mail checks to Friends of Delgaudio P.O. B

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