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April 17, 2012

Teen Job Fair-- On for Saturday May 12

The verdict is in. Many of you wrote and said "May 12 is a good date". Thank you.

Sterling Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio's 4th annual Teen Job Fair" is on for Saturday May 12 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at the Claude Moore Recreation Center just off Cascades Parkway in the Sterling District.

Its a big event with 500 teen age applicants and 30 companies involved including Chick Fila, Loudoun Parks and Rec., Loudoun Youth Initiative, Wachovia and more. Loudoun 's School Board, Government and Chamber of Commerce and Dulles Town Center always promote the Teen Job Fair. Thanks to all of you.

Teens 14 to 18 are welcome. Volunteers are needed and you can write me if you can help by setting up and handing out programs or cookies or hiring teens on behalf of your company.

Will your company, or your teen, be there?

REMINDER Quarterly Meeting Tuesday April 17, 2012

Sterling Sheriff's Office will hold a public safety meeting for the Sterling and Eastern Loudoun area Tuesday, April 17, 2012.

The quarterly public safety meeting is part of the Sterling Substation's effort to providing a higher level of service to Sterling residents. The meeting will be held at 7 p.m. at Sterling's Sheriff's Station located at 46620 East Frederick Drive in Sterling (adjacent to Rolling Ridge Elementary School). I can not be there due to a meeting conflict but will have a staff member present.


Please do not throw a cigerette out the window and use caution. I have seen brush fires around the area and the National Weather Service is issuing "dry weather" alerts.

Trash Pick up Took Six Hours

The Sterling Foundation trash pick up went on as planned but due to a small number, the work took six hours instead of two hours. Organized to preserve the beauty of the community. Please sign up for the next Trash pick up or it could take forever to do it next time: contact Kevin Chroninger at 703-406-7749 or visit


I will miss the Sheriff's briefing but will have an aide there. I will be attending a Board of Supervisors Work Session on Rail to Dulles and Loudoun.

I was not at Wednesday's Lovettsville (in rural Loudoun)discussion about Metro. David LaRock tells me: there was an amazing show of anti-rail sentiments. The presentation revealed many of the serious flaws in the project, and the questions and comments that followed showed that those in attendance, about 75 people, mostly opposing Metro.

Watch the video by clicking on the link

Even using the very low-ball Loudoun County-generated cost numbers, Metro is a tough sell.

Projections put anticipated revenue alongside Loudoun County's own incomplete cost projections and the bottom line is that Metro to Loudoun is an open-ended (blank check to Metro) proposition involving a forty million dollar annual payment for construction for six years and $20 million and more each year for operating without any idea how to finance $13 BILLION in identified repairs.

If Loudoun opts out, we still get metro to Dulles Airport with ZERO costs to the Loudoun taxpayer.

Mark Gunderman And 100 Citizens: 5th Annual Loudoun Bible Reading Marathon

Please join us on Saturday April 28th at 12 noon for the Opening Ceremony event on the steps of the Loudoun County Courthouse. The BRM will continue for six days and five nights, and will have 100 participants.

To proceed to the URL you have requested, click the Loudoun Times Mirror link below:


From April 18 to May 4th, Loudoun County will spray for ticks in County parks to begin to reverse the spread of lymes disease in our Sterling and Loudoun area. Thank you Board of Supervisors for rushing this through.

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