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Murder Suspect Caught

June 16, 2005

Texas Murder Suspect Apprehended in Sterling

A man wanted for capital murder in Texas was apprehended early Thursday morning by Loudoun County Sheriff's Deputies in a Sterling home.

Noe De Jesus Gonzalez, 21, of Houston was taken into custody by members of the Sheriff's Emergency Response Team (SERT) and Community Policing units who entered the single-family home in the 1000 block of Ironwood Drive in the Sterling Park community.

Gonzalez is wanted by the Houston Police Department in connection with the March 16th homicide of a Houston man. Authorities in Texas issued a warrant for his arrest in April and believed he fled to the Northern Virginia area, possibly Sterling, where the suspect has ties to a female acquaintance.

During the investigation the Loudoun Sheriff's Office received information that Gonzalez may be residing in an apartment on North Emory Drive. The agency utilized their Community Policing Units stationed in the Sterling Park area and in May began conducting surveillance on the home.

Early Thursday morning Community Policing Units learned Mr. Gonzalez was in a home along Ironwood Drive. SERT team members entered the residence shortly before 5 AM where he was arrested without incident.

Gonzalez is one of two suspects in the March 17th murder of a Houston man who was found wrapped in a blanket inside a mattress that was left leaning against the dumpster. The victim, Isidro Jimenez Perez, 30, suffered blunt trauma to the head.

The second suspect, Teodoro Velasquez-Anariba, 27, was apprehended in New Orleans and also charged with capital murder and has since been returned to Houston.

Gonzalez is being held without bond at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center awaiting extradition.


I attended the entire School Board meeting from 6:40 p.m. to 12 midnight last Tuesday night. LTM says I "patrolled" constantly. Actually, I got up and showed seats like an usher to a dozen people who came to speak including our own Planning Commissioner Helena Syska who spoke up for morality and goodness. Here's a recap, again.

School Board member Warren Guerin introduced two amendments. Both were strengthened and passed. 2 other pro-family School board members offered amendments but failed to get five votes.

Geurin offered an amendment to strengthen the policy and it passed 5 with 4. The positive changes to the proposed committee recommended policy came from amendments offered by Geurin.

One was adopted 5 yes to 4 no. Another was adopted 7 yes, 2 no.

And then the full policy was adopted 9 to 0.

Here are some other articles and quotes from them. These reporters understand this is a big win for the pro-family forces and that the school board decided to move towards a "G" rated child friendly school system.

School Board Finalizes Play Policy

(QUOTE) "The curtain fell on the final act of the school board's four month effort to enact a policy restricting theatrical productions shortly before midnight Tuesday when the it unanimously approved a more rigorous policy than what came out of committee.

School Board member J. Warren Geurin (Sterling) introduced most of the new language that was added to the policy with a few enhancements suggested by other members of the board. (unquote)

Board Adopts Policy On Plays

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