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Sterling Blvd. Project

June 29, 2005

I wrote you about the Sterling Boulevard barricading.

I figure it is a good time to announce that a major improvement of
Sterling Boulevard is being planned and has reached an important milestone.

First Thank The Donors

I wish to express my gratitude by publicly recognizing again those who
have generously donated to the Sterling Foundation's Main Street in the
Making campaign during the first quarter of 2005. I wish to thank
Maureen Hein, VP of the Sterling Foundation, Mr. Bill Dean of M.C.
Dean, Mr. John Andrews of Andrews Community Investment, Dr. Bryan
McEachern, Loundoun County Sanitation Authority (LCSA), and Kate
Davidson Landscape Design.

You Are A big Part of It

You and others asked me to think of something to improve Sterling Boulevard.

Through a federal grant program (TEA-21), a $7,000 anonymous donation,
and significant contributions from the community, $98,200 has been
accumulated (LCSA was the top donor with $55,000) towards a total goal
of $235,000. This application for $235,000 has now been filed and must
go through several review stages. It can be accepted or rejected.

What Is It?

Main Street in the Making is a dedicated landscape revitalization of
Sterling Park's main thoroughfare Sterling Boulevard. To find out more
about Main Street in the Making and other area projects, please visit

Who Led the Effort?

I worked with Sterling Foundation VP Maureen Hein and encouraged major
donors like the Loudoun County Sanitation Authority to prepare an
application for local TEA 21 traffic improvement funds as part of a
overall $235,000 budget devoted to improving Sterling Boulevard's
landscaping. This is a major project.

What Is Next?

It will take 18 months to process the monies and matching grants.
Another 6 months to do the work. We may see a finished project by the
end of 2007.

Since the Sterling Foundation with my encouragement and active support
began the Sterling Boulevard landscape enhancement campaign, many
supporters and area residents have expressed interest in looking beyond
the landscape to bigger and brighter enhancements for Sterling Park.

Some of these enrichments include better lighting, safer bus stops for
our children, and an enhanced shopping experience.


I am attending a discussion of this Sterling Blvd. Improvement Project
and hope that someone comes foreward with ideas beyond landscape
improvements, which are an important start.

If you can write a check for a million dollars, what would you want on
Sterling Blvd.

If you could raise one million dollars, what would you do on Sterling Blvd.?

If you could put in one thousand hours of volunteer time over the next 3
years, what result would you like on Sterling Blvd.?


Please join me on Thursday, June 30, 2005 at 7 pm in the Quinn Room at
the Sterling Community Center for an outside group presentation and
general community discussion on building a better community.

Thank you again for the help you have given me to attempting this
Sterling Boulevard Improvement project. And thank you for the help you
will give me.

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