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Sterling Covered In Snow! Our Own Sterling Radar 24 Hours A Day Protects Sterling

February 5, 2012

Sterling is covered in snow or ice.

Just enough to make it slippery and dangerous for everybody with a sidewalk, steps, stairs, driveway or roadway. The roads are open but watch out for hotdoggers who think the laws of gravity do not apply to them.

Children are sledding all over so keep an eye for them today also.


This is the VDOT Update as of late Saturday, January 21, 2012

"We remain mobilized with slightly over 600 trucks (district-wide).

�The forecast for today is for freezing rain/freezing drizzle though 1 pm then turning to all rain until 4 pm. (NWS report is included below.)

Crews are out patrolling and continuously treating "hot spots", bridge decks, elevated surfaces, ramps and problem areas."


TO FIND OUT THE WEATHER! Call 202-589-1212.

Verizon discontinued its dial-in time and weather services. However, Keith Allen, the meteorologist who ran the weather service, has found a new sponsor. You can access the service at 202-589-1212 using a phone. (I called it and it is quite refreshing)

STERLING WEATHER on-line access

This Afternoon: Mostly cloudy, with a high near 31. North wind around 11 mph.

Tonight: Partly cloudy, with a low around 23. North wind around 9 mph.

7 Day Forcast at this link

STERLING RADAR 24 hours a day

You got that right. This is RADAR in Sterling. We can see what's coming from our Sterling based radar 24 hours a day. Bookmark this RADAR so you can see weather conditions in the region from our Sterling based RADAR. The rest of the Washington region looks to Sterling for weather conditions!

County Officials Offer Winter Weather Safety Tips

Due to Inclement Weather, County Canceling Activities or Delaying Openings
Libraries and park facilities , etc. open late at noon today.

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