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February 5, 2012

$150 Million In Savings -- IDEAS POURING IN!

I wrote you that ideas are pouring in. Thank you for that. As you get more ideas for savings, please send them to me. Even if its just something small. Or something large.

Again: I have put forward $100 million in reductions. Citizens have come forward with reduction ideas for $50 million. Ideas keep pouring in.

My appointee to a government reform committee is Woody Turner who is open to all ideas and he will carry out Sterling's wishes. And of course I will bring them to the budget process on your behalf and here in this forum. Tom Julia the chair is someone I trust for 30 years and Scott Hamburger is a ceo from Sterling as vice-chairman.


I reported:

Board Voted To Ignore Kelo Decision

Property rights have been under assault since the Supreme Court's infamous 2005 ruling Kelo v. New London. In Kelo, the Court held that a local government could use eminent domain to take private property from a homeowner and transfer it to a private company "for economic development" (key words).

(wrong wording)

The Board voted 2 no (Volpe and Delgaudio) and 7 yes to protect Loudoun County against the dangerous Kelo Supreme Court ruling.


The Board voted 7 yes to a motion made by Chairman York to EXPOSE Loudoun County against the excesses and dangers of the Kelo Supreme Court decision, and 2 (Volpe and Delgaudio) voted " no".

More background: (for Property Rights Believers)

There is a move in the Virginia legislature to pass an "Eminent Domain Constitutional Amendment" and Mr. York moved that the board of supervisors OPPOSE any legislation and the constitutional amendment to further limit the power of localities to exercise condemnation powers for public projects, as well as any legislation to expand the existing statutory and common law definitions of "just compensation".

I offered a friendly amendment to change the word OPPOSE to SUPPORT. I failed.

The vote was to OPPOSE the constitutional amendment to protect against the recent Supreme Court decision with Delgaudio and Volpe voting "NO" to opposing (which means we SUPPORT the constitutional amendment).

ADDITIONALLY on the other hand.


The board voted 7 to 2 to keep the "quality of life" laws that punish private homeowners in the Sterling area that pack crowded houses, park their cars on their lawns, place heavy duty commercial trucks in the residential neighborhoods, leave abandoned cars all over.

The vote was Delgaudio yes, and six others "yes" with 2 voting "no" to getting more powers to punish disfunctional and disruptive neighbors who want to turn Sterling into a high density commercial place.

Here in Sterling there are several dozen disruptive "squatters" who crowd their houses, park their giant 18 wheeler trucks and put their cars on their lawns with lots of trash to boot. Getting enforcement for this type of near-criminal behavior is our only hope for preserving Sterling.

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